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Company Details of the Company

CINCompany NameAddress
U67190TG2002PTC039022ZENMONEY INSURANCE BROKING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED3rd floor,Vamsee Estates, 6-3-788/32 Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500016 IN
U93000AP2007PLC056730ZEN WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED3rd floor,Vamsee Estates 6-3-788/32 Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500016 IN
U67120AP1994PLC017525ZEN SECURITIES LTD3rd floor,Vamsee Estates, 6-3-788/32 Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500016 IN
U67120TG2003PTC041705ZEN COMTRADE PRIVATE LIMITED3rd floor,Vamsee Estates, 6-3-788/32 Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500016 IN
U65910TG2010PTC070784ZEN CAPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED3rd Floor,Vamsee Estates, 6-3-788/32 Ameerpet Hyderabad TG 500016 IN

Frequently Asked Question

My company and director details are appearing on Registrationwala's website. How can Registrationwala publish it without my permission?
The data is a matter of public record under the Companies Act, 1956 as well as the Companies Act, 2013. The registrar of companies also publishes this data in the public domain at its website. The reason this information about companies is published by governments is that the free flow of information about companies is essential for both a fair society (consumers need to know whether a company exists, what its standing is, etc), and a fair market.
Will Registrationwala remove or change my company's information from the website if request it to?
While we understand some companies and individuals have reservations about being listed, the information on Registrationwala is all a matter of public record, and is sourced from the official registers, and from published government data with no modifications whatsoever at our end. We aim to be an accurate copy of this and other records, and thus do not remove companies or data that are in the public record.
We can amend data on Registrationwala only when what is displayed is different to that held on the public record, in which case it will be amended to match this.

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