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Are your customers satisfied with your service?

At just INR 17999/-, you can get your hands on ISO 10002 certificate

ISO-10002:2018 certification is required for you to know that you can provide quality service to the customers for their satisfaction. This is one certification that will help you attract a large variety of clientele. Get in touch with Registrationwala to apply for this certificate

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ISO-10002:2018 Certification

ISO -10002:2018 Cost

ISO 10002

INR 17,999 /-

ISO-10002:2018 for Quality Management & Customer Satisfaction

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ISO - 10002 - Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers happy with service that you provide? Are you able to handle their complaints to their satisfaction? These are the questions that need a positive response in the world where customer feedback has become a norm. That is why ISO 10002 is so important. This standard provides you the standards that are suitable for:

  1. Customer satisfaction.
  2. Complaints handling.

The above two matters are of concern throughout the business strata where the customer engagement is the most important.

If you want to get certified, you need to get the standard and follow through along with. Get in touch with Registrationwala if you want this certification and you can begin providing the best services to the customers today!

Benefits of ISO 10002

  1. This standard can be integrated with any layer of the company
  2. If you follow the standard, the customers will be satisfied.
  3. Provides you a way to deal with customer complaints in the best way possible.
  4. Implementing the standard will allow you to have a more customer oriented approach to the business.
  5. With this certification, you have way to continually improve your business.
  6. More trust is developed among customers
  7. Potential for more business.

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