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Prove that you can provide the best financial planning

At just INR 19999/-, you can apply for ISO 22222 Certification.

ISO 22222 is a one of a kind certification that is meant for the advisors. It puts for the standards of the financial planning, and in turn will help you provide the best services to the clients.

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ISO 22222:2005 Certification

ISO 22222 Certification Cost

  • Application drafting
  • Drafting of policy standards
  • Certificate issue
ISO 22222

INR 19,999 /-

Personal Financial Planning
ISO 22222 in just 10-12 Days

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ISO 22222:2005 Certification

Are you planning your personal finances better? If you are, are you sure of it? Regardless, you should apply for ISO 22222, an international standard that is going to tell the people that your financial planning can be trusted.

The standard defines following six steps of personal finances:

  1. Establishing a better relation between the client and the financial planner.
  2. Determining the goals of the clients and gathering their data
  3. Evaluating the financial status of the clients.
  4. Development and the presentation of the financial plan.
  5. Recommending the best plans and implementing the recommendations.
  6. Monitoring those recommendations.

These steps might be a bit typical, but the rewards of the ISO-22222 are many. Therefore, you should opt to get this certification for your financial firm. Get in touch with our experts to apply for this certification.

Benefits of ISO 22222

  1. Proof that you can provide the best financial planning.
  2. Better customer service regarding financial planning.
  3. A proper presentation of the finances.
  4. Gathering the trust of the customers.
  5. Making your financial firm a more credible one.

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