The Final Dates for ROC Filing is Approaching for Financial Year 17-18

  • August 10, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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The due date of RoC Annual Filing is approaching. Make sure that you have filed the income tax return and the annual RoC before the due date to prevent any penalties associated with it. File the MCA return and file it today!

It is another day and another time dreaded by many businessmen out there is approaching. This is the time of filing the ROC annual filing return. It is an annual compliance requirement for all of the companies that have been registered under the Registrar of Companies that they file the MCA annual return and Income Tax return each year. If the owner of thee companies fail to comply, there are consequences associated with non compliance that they would have to face.

Who Have to File the Return Before the Due Date?

The following companies are required to file the returns as part of their compliances:

  1. One Person Company.
  2. Section 8 company.
  3. Limited company.
  4. Private Limited company.

However, there is a step associated before filing for the return and that is appointment of an auditor. All companies are required to do so before the 300 long periods of the incorporation.

Before conducting the general body meeting of the company, it is required that you file this annual return. As per the recent standards, the companies are to conduct the general body meeting about 9 months before the end of the financial year. This 9 month period is only meant for the companies that have just been set up in that year. As for the rest, they have to organize a general body meeting 6 months before the end of the financial year. The filings of the annual returns are to be done after this period.

Are There Any Exceptions?

No there are no exceptions to the rule. All of companies who are registered under the Companies Act are supposed to file their annual income tax return before the due date regardless of their turnover, income, losses or any accidental issues. Furthermore, if there are companies with no profit to speak of, even the have to comply with this rule and file the Annual return. The form that they have to file will be ITR-6 and the due date of filing this is 30th of September.
However, the MCA annual return of the companies that have come into existence before the last of March and first of January of this year is not available as of yet. However, the do have to file the annual income tax return as per the budgetary rule. These annual compliances are non-negotiable.

What is the Process of Filing the RoC Annual Return?

  1. You need to log on to the MCA portal and down load all the forms that you require.
  2. Enter you CIN number and confirm the captcha security protocol.
  3. Once you enter your CIN, you will find out that most of the information has been pre filled. This information is the one that has been extracted from the database. If you see any discrepancy, you would want to acknowledge and take measures to correct it.
  4. Click on the check button form and save all of the details associated with it.
  5. You might want to save your progress in the form as draft from time to time.
  6. Once you have filled the form, make sure that all the information is correct and then finalize by clicking on the submit button.

The due date to file the RoC annual return filing is 30th of September of 2018. Therefore, you need to hurry with your details right now.

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