What are the benefits of Trademark Assignment in India?

  • February 14, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Getting a trademark registration is not just a way to safeguard your brand against infringers, it also helps you unlock the true value of your brand name. One of the perks of getting this registration is trademark assignment. It empowers you to either permanently or temporarily assign your trademark to someone else.

Let us discuss the benefits of trademark assignment in India.

Perks of assigning your brand name to another

Depending upon the type of assignment, you gain access to the following perks:

Expanding your business: If you have always wanted to expand your business in a seamless fashion and without much investment, assigning your trademark is the way. By licensing your brand name – a type of assignment – you can add support of another entity to help you evolve your business. Both the parties, the assignor and the assignee, get the benefit of trademark assignment, and you get a chance to reach out to places you wouldn’t have been able to if you were running the business on your own.

Furthermore, if you partially assign your trademark to another, you get the ability to engage with more vendors and thus, expand your business in other territories.

Unlocking the value of your trademark: Another trademark assignment benefit is to inform the owner of the brand name about its value. When you assign the trademark to another, you can glance at the value of your brand from your assignee’s perspective. This widened peripheral will help you make better decisions when it comes to deciding the future of your trademark.

Additionally, once you know the value of your brand, the confidence with which you enter the market gets a boost. It has an indirect impact on your psyche that you can then use to push your brand even further.

Valid proof of the trademark: With trademark assignment, you have another arsenal at your disposal to tackle any cases of opposition. The act of assigning your trademark to another is a legal matter, and thus, requires legal documents. When you put that into perspective, if someone comes around to create issues for your brand, you can use the trademark assignment as proof to tackle it. With more than one life on the line (sorry for the hyperbole), it becomes mandatory for the Registrar to act fair. And in this case, to act in your favour. 

Diversifying your marketing approach: Not every trademark owner is a good marketer. And considering how much value is there in the way you engage with your customers; you need to be good at marketing to reach out to the maximum number of people. Assigning your brand name to another with diversifying your marketing approach. The assignee will put their spin to penetrate the client base. Their unique approach will be different from yours, and therefore, will be more effective. 


Starting a business in India can carry a lot of weight. You need to tap into different ways to expand your business. Some of them would be unconventional, and trademark assignment makes the cut. This process not only unlocks the value of your brand but gets you the support of another to help you expand your business with the help of marketing.

Trademark assignment opens your door to many benefits. Ranging from expansion to access to more marketing approaches, these perks make trademark registration a good choice.

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