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Obtain Experimental License from WPC to conduct Wireless Experiments

Companies that want to conduct experiments or research on products of wireless nature have to mandatorily obtain the WPC experimental license from the Department of Telecommunication via the Wireless Planning Commission or WPC. Registrationwala provides complete assistance from application filing to follow-up for the WPC experimental license procedure.

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WPC Experimental License

What is WPC Experimental License

WPC Experimental license is a license mandatory for those companies that want to either research or experiment on Wireless products. Issued by the Wireless Planning Commission or the WPC authority, the experimental license is a part of the network license. Being part of the network license makes it imperative for the applicant to already have the Dealer possession license.

The only reason that we are flooded with new wireless products on a daily basis is innovation. Experiment is a primary ingredient of innovation. The trial and error approach leads to the creation of better wireless products and it turns moves the civilization forward. India is slowly becoming a temple of digitization and because of that the government is pushing for more innovation. It has paved way for more innovation and thus, more experimentation.

However, even when the wireless products are experimental on or researched, the companies must first obtain the Experimental License from WPC.

It’s considered to be the most niche license as far as business licenses goes. However, that uniqueness doesn’t underestimate the scope that innovation brings in the wireless product domain.

Paving the way for India’s innovation and in turn helping you innovate through experimentation, Registrationwala provides complete assistance in regards to WPC experimental license.

By exploiting our catalogue of WPC services, you can obtain experimental license from WPC in an easy fashion. All you need to do is reach out to us and we will provide you with all the assistance that you could possibly need.

What are the categories of WPC Experimental License

When you step out to reach out to our experts to obtain Experimental license from WPC, you should be aware of the types of licenses that are currently present:

  1. Experimental License for radiating equipment: It includes license for research, development and experimentation of frequency spectrum for the purpose of indoor and outdoor testing.
  2. Experimental License for non-radiating equipment: It includes license for research, development and experimentation of frequency spectrum for the purpose of indoor and outdoor testing.
  3. Technology Trial License for radiating equipment (5G): This license came into picture after the concept of 5G was introduced in India. It’s to run research and development operations, testing, and demonstration on 5g equipments.
  4. Technology Trial license for radiating equipment (non-5G): The purpose of this license is same as above. However, it’s meant for non-5g products.

Process to obtain Experimental License from WPC

To obtain Experimental License from WPC, the procedure that you have to adhere to is as follows:

  1. File the online WPC experimental license application.
  2. Download the application form that you’ve filled.
  3. Attach the documents needed to that application.
  4. Submit the hardcopies of application and the documents to the WPC.
  5. WPC will initiate assessment of your application form and the documents you’ve submitted.

Fulfilment of every condition set by the WPC will lead you to obtain the experimental license from WPC.

Documents required to obtain Experimental license from WPC

To obtain experimental license from WPC, following documents need to be attached with the application:

  1. A duly filled application form that has to be submitted offline, but can be downloaded online from the WPC website.
  2. A brief write-up describing the experimentation intention and testing procedure along with the diagram of the setup.
  3. A document called technical literature that contains specification of the equipment that you’re using in your experiments.
  4. A printout of the online application.
  5. Test-setup
  6. Details of the test- setup for standalone and non-standalone if applicable.
  7. WPC experimental license processing fee DD.

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