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Get Product Certification from BIS

Product Certification exists so that the products are manufactured as per the standards set up by the Bureau of Indian standards. As the certification is not optional for many products, Registrationwala provides immediate assistance in this matter – giving you high quality product registration services.

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Product Certification

What is Product Certification by ISI or What is ISI Certification?

ISI certification full form is Indian Standard Institute certification. In other terms, it’s a certificate by Indian Standard Institute.

Back in 1986, the government of India created a unified standardization scheme for products. As per it, the products that are available for consumer or industry consumption have to be of optimal quality. That optimal quality was defined by certain standards of the standardization scheme. That scheme was known as the BIS Act. If the governments finds that product meets the standards of BIS, it’s given a product certification – marking the products with an ISI mark.

The government of India changed ISI (Indian Standard Institute) to BIS in 2016. Now, instead of ISI mark, the products are now given the BIS mark when they get product certification.

What was the need of producer registration?

The need of product registration arose from the desire of the government for the citizens of India to have good quality products. 80s was a decade that saw significant development in India. Due to that consumers had more products option that before. However, it was also a chance for the opportunist to slip in bad quality products among the crowd of products that the people were already enchanted boy. Thus, the government took that into consideration and the made sure that all the daily use industrial and consumer products follow a unified standard of quality and reliability.

But it couldn’t be done straight away for there was no testing process at first. Thus, the government started issuing product license. To issue the product license, the government came up with a unified testing strategy. As per it, if any anyone came to them and asked how to apply for ISI certification, the government plan would respond by giving him or her guidelines for the ISI certification process in India.

 This “product certification” or BIS ISI certification was a form of product management certification. As by issuing the license, the government took indirect control over the quality of the product.  In other words, it took the task of “managing” the quality of the products before they go on sale in India.

So, if we have to list the reasons that India BIS certification exists, we can give you the following reasons:

  1. Enhancing the quality of the product: The mandatory nature of the ISI certification compels the manufacturers to enhance the quality of their products. For the first time in India, manufacturers were forced to think beyond return on investment and put first the needs and safety of the consumers.
  2. Ensuring the safety of the products: Some of the mandatory products that require the product approval certification from the ISI (BIS) include gas stoves, AC static Transformers, Electric Immersion Water heaters etc. By only marking them under the BIS ISI certification scheme I if they meet the security standards, product testing certificate ensures that people are safe while using those products.
  3. Keeping up with the International Standards: India’s “Make in India” scheme has turned many heads. Countries who once thought the Indian populace as merely consumers of foreign products, are now seeing the country as a producer of high quality products. To add substance to that perception, ISI certification agency pushes the Indian products to be in the same league as their international cousins.

Providing safety to the consumers while compelling the producers to produce products of high enough quality to go toe to toe against the international products is the reason why the government has made it mandatory for many manufacturers to file ISI certificate application.

But why should you care? It’s because even though the producer certification is mandatory, it has many perks that come with it.

Benefits of getting product Certification

There are many certifications that the government has made mandatory. And like always, none of them are created to create a nuisance for you. Being producer of a product certified by the ISI has several benefits. All of them make it worth it when you go through the arduous process of ISI certification online.

  1. Better products for the consumers: You products have a way of making your brand famous, or infamous. If you’re only worried about the ROI, then you’re going to cut corners when it comes to products. The product development certification (ISI certification) makes you stay on the right path. You won’t cut any corners and provide customers with exactly that they deserve – good products that are both safe and reliable for usage.
  2. Enhanced trust in the market: Gone are the days when brands can just use the name to market themselves. Customers of today are more informed, courtesy of a little thing called the internet. When they approach to by your product, they already have a fair idea of what kind of product they are looking for and what kind of product you’re selling. If your product has ISI product certification, customers would buy it – knowing that it meets the highest standards of manufacturing.
  3. Enhanced return on investment: As the customers believe in the ISI certification mark your product has, they also trust your product. And when they trust your product, they have no issues investing in it. What’s investment for them is a profit for you.
  4. Less time to market the products: Just having the term “Product Certified by ISI” is enough to give the customers a sigh of relief when buying your product. It’s mark that automatically markets your product and penetrates the part of your customer’s heart that wants to be secure. Thus, getting the ISI certification in India removes a lot of time it takes to market your product.

How to apply for ISI Certification or Product Certification?

How to get ISI certificate? The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) grants the product certification or the license after assessing the following of the applicant:

  1. The manufacturing infrastructure within the product is being manufacturers
  2. The production process implemented to manufacture the product
  3. What kinds of testing capabilities does the applicant have to test the product.

In order to conduct the assessments mentioned above, you have the option to:

  1. Either reach out to a third party laboratory for product testing
  2. Let the BIS officials pay an official visiting your manufacturing facilities and run tests on the products there, or,
  3. A combination of the above two.

In any case, during the process, you’d have one way to go about getting ISI certification, that’s to apply online. However, you can take two approaches to file the online application.

Approach 1

  1. File the application of ISI certificate online.
  2. Attach the ISI certification documents required as per the requirements of the application form.
  3. Wait as an BIS official pays a visit to your manufacturing facility and runs an ISI certification check to see whether your manufacturing infrastructure, production process, testing capabilities and quality control are up to standard.
  4. You’ll be granted the certificate if you meet all the ISI certification requirements.

Approach 2

  1. Instead of first filing the application, you can first approach a third party that will test the product you require the ISI certificate online for. That third party lab would provide you a conformity assessment report.
  2. File the application of ISI certificate online.
  3. Attach the ISI certification documents and the conformity assessment report as per the requirements of the application form.
  4. Wait as an BIS official pays a visit to your manufacturing facility and runs an ISI certification check to see whether your manufacturing infrastructure, production process, testing capabilities and quality control are up to standard.
  5. You’ll be granted the certificate if you meet all the ISI certification requirements.


What are the documents required for product certification or ISI certificate?

Generally, the documents required to obtain certification by the BIS vary depending upon the type of product you’re seeking certification for. That being said, there are documents that are common in all ISI certification requirements:

  1. Depending upon your business infrastructure, you need to submit either sole proprietorship document, partnership certificate, LLP certificate or certificate of incorporation to get product development certificate.
  2. Depending upon your business infrastructure you’ll need to submit partnership deed, LLP agreement, Memorandum of Association.
  3. Details of the proprietor/partner/director of the applicant’s business entity
  4. Sample of the product
  5. A cover letter covering all the details of the product and the answer to why the BIS should issue you ISI certification.
  6. Signed Declaration
  7. Undertaking that all the details mentioned in the application are correct.

Because of the benefits that come with getting it, the product certification by ISI is also dubbed by many as the best product management certification. It’s a certification that keeps you compliant to the highest standards of the government and gets you the customer’s attention that you need.

That being said, the process is too convoluted to be followed by a lay person. Even if you know the theoretical part of the process, when you approach it in practical terms, you’ll find that there are many obstacles in your way.

And that’s when you’d need a consultant to handle your case.

Get help from the best consultants for ISI certification

As you can see from the process, some steps are needlessly convoluted. While we have attempted to make the steps easier to digest, the truth is that in government matters, the procedures rarely go linearly. That’s why you should get assistance from the best ISI certification consultants in India. They provide you with the following services while keeping the professional ISI certification cost at a low price:

  1. Free initial consultation during the initial phase.
  2. Access to an independent lab if you’re paying the ISI certification price for the second approach of certification.
  3. Complete assistance when it comes to filing the online application.
  4. Assistance in document preparation.
  5. Monitoring the progress of application once it reaches the Bureau of Indian standards
  6. Conducting follow ups with the Bureau in case there are shortcomings with the application or the documents.

Thus, if you want to enhance the value of your product in the eyes of your customers, take the first step towards product certification today.

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