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Show off that you are not using hazardous chemicals

At just INR 14999/-, you can apply for RoHS certification and show off that you are compliant about hazardous chemicals

RoHS refers to Restriction of Hazardous Substances. When you are engages with the trading or manufacturing of electrical products, there are some substances that you should not use. This certification shows that you are not using them. Get in touch with Registrationwala to apply for this certification.

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ROHS Compliance Certification

RoHS Certification Cost

RoHS Certification

INR 14,999 /-

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ROHS Compliance Certification

When we are talking about electrical products, there are a lot of metallic substances that goes into manufacturing them. However, many of them are hazardous and have alternatives. Therefore, in 2002 the European parliament approved ROHS (Restriction of hazardous Substances).

Through this directive, quite a few metallic substances are banned from usage when it comes to manufacturing electronic products. If you want to make your business related to electrical products successful, you need to make sure that you are ROHS compliant and are not engaging with these metals.

Therefore, RoHS certification is something that is considered. If you want to get certified, just get in touch with Registrationwala and we will be begin filing the application for the same.

Benefits of RoHS Certification

  1. Being RoHS compliant is suitable for the image of your company:  If you are ROHS compliant, your company’s image will be elevated in front of customers.
  2. Is you are manufacturing safe electrical products, the customer trust will grow:  Customer trust is a commodity that can never be ignored. This trust can be elevated if you are compliant.
  3. Engaging with alternate substances: There are several non-hazardous options for materials for manufacturing. Being compliant means you will be able to look into them.
  4. More customers:  More trust gained, more customer gained as well.
  5. Being compliant allows you to have access to some government subsidies.

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