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Kosher means “fit” or ”correct”. Now, you can understand that a kosher certificate refers to a certification that the food is suitable or “fit” to be exported. Get in touch with Registrationwala to get this certification.

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Kosher Certification process

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What is Kosher Certification in India?

Kosher Certification in India

Each additive used in food preparation should also be kosher for foods to have a kosher certificate. However, it is not only the food products that matter here, but also the way of preparation of these products. The additives and the food processing have to be checked by the Kosher auditor before you get the Certification.

If you want to get certified, you must apply for it properly. Therefore, get in touch with Registrationwala to get the Certification.


Benefits of Kosher Certification

The benefits of Kosher Certification are detailed in the following pointers:

  • Kosher Certification provides you with room to expand your market.
  • You can meet the quality demands of the people.
  • With this Certification, people will trust your product a lot more.
  • It will be easy for you to export your product to foreign lands.

It will be easy for you to export your product to foreign lands


Eligibility Criteria for Kosher Certification  in India

Before applying for Kosher Certification, you must adhere to the specified Kosher standards. For that purpose, you must train your organization per this standard.

Who issues Kosher Certification in India?

You can get the Kosher Certification from any recognized Kosher Certification agency. One such agency is Kosher Certification Services India or KCSI. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel accredits the KCSI.

Required Eligibilities:

The eligibility here depends on the following:

  • Type of Certification Agency
  • To-be-certified Products/Services

The following are some of the general eligibility criteria required for obtaining kosher Certification in India:

  • The product must be free from the following:
    • Derived Ingredients from Non-Kosher animals, like pork and shellfish
    • Ingredients derived from Non-Kosher sources, like gelatin and non-kosher meat
  • The product must be processed using cleaned and sterilized equipment by Kosher standards.
  • The Kosher Certification Agency must inspect the production facilities. They must ensure standards compliance.
  • The Kosher Company must also comply with inspection as well as certification requirements, including the following:
    • Periodic Facility Inspections
    • Ingredient Reviews

The eligibility criteria vary depending on the Kosher Certification Agency. Companies interested in obtaining Kosher Certification should consult a recognized Certification Agency for specific requirements.


Documents required for Kosher Certification  in India

The documents that are required to apply for Kosher Certification are as follows:

  • A copy of the PAN card
  • A Passport Sized photograph
  • A copy of the Voter Identity Card (that would be your address proof)
  • Two copies of the sales or purchase bill that your company does
  • List of materials you use in your production
  • Policy document showing the procedure to cook the product
  • List of general ingredients used when cooking


Process of obtaining the Kosher Certification in India

The process of obtaining the Kosher Certification in India is as follows:

  1. Gathering the Kosher Certification documents
  2. Submitting the application for Kosher Certification
  3. Letting an auditor assess the application and the procedure document
  4. Obtain the Certification if the auditor agrees

Registrationwala will assist you through the filing and registration process and provide you with the Certification.


Our Assistance in getting the Kosher Certification in India 

Registrationwala can assist you with the registration by providing you with the following services:

  1. Selection of certification type
  2. Document aggregation
  3. Draft approval
  4. Kosher Certification 

Improve the energy efficiency of your business. Prove that your food is kosher by getting Kosher Certification with the aid of Registrationwala.



Q. What is Kosher Certification in India?

A. Kosher Certification is a kosher approval certificate by a Rabbinic Agency after verifying the product's ingredients and production facility. They ensure all ingredients and tools have no traces of non-kosher substances.

Q. Who issues Kosher certificates in India?

A. Kosher Certification Services India or KCSI, accreditated by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Q. Does the Kosher certificate needs foreign accreditation?

A. Yes, from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Q. What eligibilities must a Kosher Company subscribe to for the Certification?

A. Every Kosher Company must comply with the following inspection & Certification requirements for gaining the Certification:

  • Periodic Facility Inspections
  • Ingredient Reviews

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