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Get Equipment Type Approval (ETA) Certificate

Get hassle-free approval from WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing) to manufacture/import/market/use wireless products.

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WPC Certificate


In order to manufacture, import, sell or use wireless equipments, you need the approval from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing. It's a part Department of telecommunication that oversees Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC provides you that approval in the form of Equipment Type Approval, better known as ETA Certificate.

The primary procedure of getting the ETA approval differs based on whether the manufacturer is domestic or foreign:

  • For a foreign manufacture, only an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) can file the application.
  • For a domestic  manufacturer, there is no requirement.

Such requirement makes getting the approval far from being a cup of cake. The application process alone is cumbersome, but when you combine it with the constant vigilance, AIR requirement and number of trips required to the department, the prospect of getting ETA can be demoralizing.

But that's when our team steps in. Our industry-efficient professionals take up the heavy task of licensing of your hands. We file the application, maintain a constant vigilance and no matter how many trips to the department it takes, we get you your ETA license.

So, look no further if you are planning to dealing with using specific niche of wireless products is important for you.


The steps involved with obtaining the ETA license are as follows:

  1. Analyzing the RF test report of the product.
  2. Preparing the document
  3. Submitting the documents online.
  4. Paying the government fee online
  5. Submitting the hardcopy of the application and the document offline

Once these steps are taken, the ball land's the department's side where they:

  1. Scrutinize the documents.
  2. Verify the documents.
  3. Grant you the ETA certificate.

Documents required

Following are the documents required to grant of ETA certificate.

  1. RF Test report as per the EN Standard.
  2. Description of the product.
  3. Receipt of the online fee.
  4. Letter authorizing our experts to file the application on your behalf.
  5. Undertaking that whatever information you've filled in the application is true.
  6. Certificate of incorporation of your company
  7. PAN card of the company

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