Get ETA Certificate for Import or Manufacture Wireless Equipments in India

Get hassle-free approval from WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing) for ETA, Network or Non Network, DPL or NDPL Licenses. Get WPC Certificate for import from our consultants

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WPC ETA Certificate Process

Step 1
Equipment Testing
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application assessment
Step 4
Get ETA License

WPC ETA Certificate  in India

What is WPC ETA Certificate

WPC License, full form, Wireless Planning Commission license is the license to import and sell wireless products. Issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, a part of the Department of Telecommunication, it’s a non-optional license.

There is a rapid increase in the presence of wireless products these days. Even though we are moving towards a self-reliant India, there are some products from foreign lands that cannot always be replaced. We are talking about quality wireless products. It’s due to these international products that things have become more affordable for a common consumer.  So, if you’re a purveyor of wireless products and are looking for a WPC ETA certificate, there is no shame in that.

WPC certificate full form Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing certification is the required authorization for any business individual who seeks to manufacture, import, sell or use wireless equipment. As such a business owner, you get this equipment type approval  (ETA) from the WPC wing. It's a part Department of telecommunication that oversees Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC provides you with that approval in the form of ETA, Network or Non-Network, and DPL or NDPL Licenses.

The primary procedure of getting the ETA approval or WPC ETA approval differs based on whether the manufacturer is domestic or foreign:

  • For foreign manufacture, only an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) can apply.
  • For a domestic manufacturer, ETA is required if the wireless product it manufactures works in delicensed bands. 

Such a requirement makes getting approval a complex process. The application process alone is cumbersome, but when you combine it with the constant vigilance, AIR requirement and number of trips required to the department, the prospect of getting a WPC ETA License can be demoralizing.

But that's when our team steps in. Our industry-efficient professionals take up the heavy task of licensing your hands. We apply, maintain constant vigilance and no matter how many trips to the department it takes, we get you your WPC  import license. Through us, you get a WPC NOC certificate in no time.

So, look no further if you are planning to deal with using a specific niche of wireless products is important for you. Our WPC certification consultants provide you with the best services for WPC Certification India, lending you a hand as you apply for WPC certificate India.

Eligibility Criteria for WPC ETA License  in India

The products that require WPC Equipment type approval consist of wireless products. WPC Certificate meaning license for the products that are wireless and work in the de-licensed bands.

  • Manufacturer of wireless products that work within delicensed bands. 
  • Importers of wireless products that work within delicensed bands. 

Thus, most common products that people are looking to get WPC character certificate for are as follows:

  1. Bluetooth: In the realm of wireless, everyone is aware of blue-tooth. WPC certificate for Bluetooth. It’s a wireless way to connect one equipment to another, and none of them need be telecom equipment. If they don’t have the approval, there is a chance that they are working in bands that are meant for something else. In such cases, Bluetooth can create issues for the present radio signals.
  2. Drones: Equipment type approval for drones is a new requirement. There are two levels of approval needed here and WPC ETA for drones is just one part of it. To get a drone’s WPC equipment type approval, India has created the same pathway as rest of the products.

To know about which product require or don’t require products, you can just consult the ETA certificate search module. Our ETA certificate consultants can help you in this regard.

Documents Required for WPC ETA License in India

Following are the documents required to apply for WPC ETA License

  1. RF Test report from a NABL Accredited lab. 
  2. Description of the product.
  3. Receipt of the online fee.
  4. Letter authorizing our experts to file the application on your behalf.
  5. Undertaking that whatever information you've filled in the application is true. It’s a type of WPC ETA self-declaration that your product indeed works within the restrictions set by the WPC wing.
  6. Certificate of incorporation of your company
  7. PAN Card of the company

Process of getting assistance from our WPC ETA Certificate in India

Following are the points that you need to consider before going through the WPC certification process:

  1. Know your product: Remember that some equipment have exemptions from ETA. If you don’t, know that there are many business consultants who just want to plunge their fraudulent claws into your money.
  2. Know your ETA certificate for wireless: Even if your product doesn’t come under the products that require the Equipment type approval, WPC has been going through changes.As for the steps involved with obtaining the WPC license India. They are as follows:
  3. Analyzing the RF test report of the product: This is first step that paves the way for WPC equipment type approval.  The correct your reports are, the higher the chance for you to get approval for ETA from WPC. The entire goal of equipment type approval and WPC license is to ensure that your product works in unlicensed bands. That’s why, through RF testing, you’ll know the range of radio transmission. Equipment type approval certificate you get after the department knows it too.
  4. Preparing the document: Prepare the required documents that you need to submit for ETA certificate India. The correctness of these documents become the deciding factor of whether you get WPC type approval.
  5. Submitting the documents online: First, our experts would file the WPC ETA online application, and attach the required documents. Don’t worry about the correctness of equipment type approval application form, we have got it handled.
  6. Paying the government fee online: To give Equipment type approval certificate, India needs you to be thorough and pay the processing fee.
  7. Submitting the hardcopy of the application and the document offline: Once you’ve submitted the application through WPC ETA login, you’d have to switch gears and take the offline route. The documents and the receipt for the ETA approval (including telecom equipment type approval) have to submitted offline as well.

Once these steps are taken, the department overseeing equipment type approval license takes the below steps:

  1. Scrutinize the documents.
  2. Verify the documents.
  3. Grant you the ETA certificate.

Our Assistance to file the WPC ETA Certificate in India

When it comes to IMDA equipment type approval, our WPC ETA consultant can cover a lot of ground. The WPC certificate format is in such a way that one has to be thorough with what they are looking for. Any metropolitan state in which lies our WPC ETA consultant, Mumbai or Delhi, they deliver the best quality of services.

In short, we make things easier for you.

Reach out to us through email of call us to know more about anything from ETA certificate validity to other matters.


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