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RWA Registration Process

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Application Filling
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Application Assement
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Grant Of RWA Registration

What is RWA Registration in India?

Resident Welfare Associations Registration

If you live in a housing society, then that Society must have a Residential Welfare Association. A Residential Welfare Association is an association representing the interests of the individual living inside a specific housing society. This form of registration is something that you should look for if you are living in a housing society.

Why must you register your Society?

The Authority offers you a ton of benefits for registering your housing society under the RWA. We have enlisted some of the benefits of RWA registration for you in the following points:

1. For one, a Society must have a Residential Welfare Association.

2. Some perks associated with it affect all of that Society's residents.

3. With registration, the Housing Society is further legitimized.

4. An RWA entails the rules and regulations pertaining to some societal amenities that every resident should conduct.

Governed under the Societies Act, Delhi's residential welfare registration process is the same as the Society Registration.

At Registrationwala, we can assist you with the registration process for RWA. Our team will ensure you access an RWA as soon as possible. Get in touch with us to know more. 

Why RWA registration?

Eligibility Criteria for RWA Registration in India

To be eligible for RWA Registration, your Society must be:

  • A Residential Society
  • No members should have a criminal case against them.
  • Society must have the basic amenities.

Eligibility Criteria for RWA Registration in India

RWA Composition

The Society Registration Act dictates that every Resident Welfare Association must appoint the following office bearers and accordingly assign them the responsibilities as per their designation. A typical RWA comprises the following executives:

What does a typical RWA comprise of?

President of the RWA Society

The appointed president presides over all the meetings of the general as well as the governing body. He solely has the power the veto and choose the side in case of a draw. A President supervises the RWA personnel in their duty dispensation. He is also empowered to operate and manage the bank accounts of the RWA society.

General Secretary

The General Secretary represents the society in its private or public offices. He is responsible for maintaining the records of the society and its members. He can also be delegated to operate the bank accounts of the RWA society.


The VP of the RWA society assists the president in his or her duty dispensation. He becomes the de-facto president in case the president is absent, impeached or has died.


He usually fills in the shoes of the General Secretary in his absence. Secretary is responsible for assisting the General Secretary when required.


A Treasurer collects gifts, subscriptions, grants-in-aid and donations from the members of the Society and the general public. He is also responsible for maintaining the society's funds records. The treasurer must maintain such records in a specific bank properly and operate RWA’s bank account.

Executive Members

The members of the Society assist in the daily work.

Documents Required for RWA Registration in India

Documents Required for RWA Registration in India

Every RWA Registration applicant society must attach the following documents with its registration application:

1.    A Xerox copy of the Memorandum of Association

2.    A Xerox copy of the Rules and Regulations document

3.    Affidavit Number 1 pertaining to the Ownership and a No objection Certificate for the registered office in the Society

4.    Affidavit No 2 for Desirous persons that are not related to each other

5.    Name of the Society

6.    Residential proofs of all desirous persons

7.    Identity Proofs of all desirous persons

8.    Ownership proof of the registered office of the Society

9.    ID proof of the owner of that registered office

10. A fully completed application of the Housing Welfare Association Registration

Process of obtaining the online RWA Registration in India

Process of obtaining the online RWA Registration in India

The Housing Society, desirous of gaining the RWA registration status, must conform to the following procedure during application filing:

  • Gather the requisite documents for RWA Registration.
  • File the online RWA registration application
  • Submit the online application to the appropriate Authority
  • Obtain the RWA Registration certificate after analysis.

Our Assistance in getting the RWA Registration in Delhi

Our Assistance for RWA Registration

We provide end-to-end Assistance to get you RWA Registration.

  • Document collection
  • Filing the RWA Registration application
  • Obtaining the Registration
  • Delivering you the RWA Registration certificate

Thus, if you want to register your Resident Welfare Association, reach out to Registrationwala.


Q. How to register RWA in Delhi?

A. The RWA registration process in Delhi is defined in the following points:

  • Gather the requisite documents.
  • File the online RWA registration.
  • Submit the online application.
  • Obtain the RWA Registration certificate.

Q. Is there an RWA registration fee in Delhi?

A. Yes. For RWA in Delhi, you have to pay the requisite fee.

Q. What is the process of registration for the Resident Welfare Association?

A. You can refer to the process section of this page to learn about the RWA certificate process.

Q. How to form Resident Welfare Association in Delhi?

A. Refer to the process section of this page to learn about the RWA process.

Q. How to check RWA registration?

A. You can visit the official website to check the list of registered Residents Welfare Associations in Delhi.

Q. How to register Welfare Association in Delhi?

A. Refer to the process section of this page to learn about the RWA process.

Q. In what cases, can the Authority take legal action against RWA registered society?

A. If any Housing Society registered under the RWA violates the Residents Welfare Association rules, then legal action can ensue against them.

Q. What is RWA in Delhi?

A. RWA stands for Residential Welfare Association. There are innumerable RWA registered societies in Delhi. You can also register your Society under RWA in Gurgaon.

Q. Where is the Resident Welfare Association website?

A. You can download the RWA application form from this website.

Q. What is Resident Welfare Association?

A. It is a voluntary organization for the interests and welfare of society members.

Q. What is an RWA society?

A. It is a residential society which has its RWA registration certificate.

Q. Can a Welfare Society Registration be done under the RWA?

A. Yes. RWA registration is applicable to all residential societies.

Q. Where is the RWA registration office in Delhi?

A. At Least 7 members of a Housing Society can apply for RWA registration with Jurisdictional Registrar Office in Delhi.

Q. What does RWA stands for?

A. RWA's full form is Resident Welfare Association.

Q. What is RWA in Society?

A. RWA is an association of members of the Society which works for the welfare of the Society and its family members.

Q. Is RWA membership mandatory?

A. Yes. Every housing society, within three months from 70 per cent of the residence occupancy, must register itself as an RWA society.

Q. What is the RWA formation process?

A. Refer to the process section of this webpage.

Q. How can we apply for RWA registration application in Haryana?

A. The RWA registration is applicable across the Country.

Q. Are RWA society rules binding on all its members?

A. Yes. Within the three months from 70 percent occupancy of the housing society, the Society members must apply for the RWA registration. You can also refer to the List of registered RWA in Delhi from the official website.

Q. How to register an RWA in Delhi?

A. Registration process for an RWA society is similar across the Country. You can refer to the process section of the page to learn about the RWA Residents Association registration procedure.

Q. Are RWA Delhi's rules and regulations different from the rest of the Country's?

A. Most of them are similar, but some rules can change as per the States's Rules and regulations. You can refer to the website to the Resident Welfare Association bylaws pdf.

Q. Is the Delhi RWA procedure similar to the Delhi Society Registration?

A. Yes, the procedure for Society Welfare Association is similar to the RWA's.

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