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PESO Licenses and registrations is a collective of authorizations issued by the Petroleum and safety organization of India. These authorizations are for the import of cylinders, manufacturing of firecrackers and trade associated with petroleum and its components. Registrationwala has a team of experts that can assist you to obtain this license in India.

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PESO license process

Step 1
Application form download
Step 2
Document furnishing
Step 3
Application filing
Step 4
Application Assessment
Step 5
Facility Inspection
Step 6
Grant of Peso License

What is PESO License? How to Get PESO Certification

PESO License is the certification issued by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) of India. Formerly known as the Department of Explosives, this institute is responsible for the following:

  • Formulating a framework for the work with the oil industry
  • Establishing safety guidelines for the industries that work with compressed guesses.
  • Regulating safety of hazardous substances, including, compressed, gases, explosives, and petroleum.

PESO certification is the proof that the entity in question is able to adhere to the rules and regulations associated with safety while handling hazardous chemicals while manufacturing, transporting, importing or trading with them. 

What is PESO Organization?

Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, the primary authority that provides PESO Certificate, is a body that was established to establish safety measures in the matters of manufacturing, transportation, handling, storage, and usage of dangerous chemicals.  Headed by the Chief Controller of Explosives, this organization is responsible for bestowing the entities with a PESO license or PESO approval.

These entities are the manufacturers, importers, or traders of the following types of articles:

  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Anything related to the mining industry
  • Explosives

However, that’s not the extent of the services that they deliver. The PESO is also responsible for training the following officials for examination and disposal of explosives:

  • Police
  • Security
  • Intelligence personnel

What are the different products on which PESO online registration is applicable?

As per the PESO guidelines, PESO registration is required for products that must be explosion-proof. The categories of such articles are mostly pressure vessels, explosion-proof products, products for the oil, gas and mining industry. As such, the following articles require the PESO online license :

  • Gas cylinders/valves/regulators
  • Storage facilities for filling gas cylinders.
  • Generating plants.
  • Petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, calcium carbide factories and acetylene gas
  • Explosives trucks, portable explosives magazines, mixing and delivery vehicles for on-site manufacture of explosives, vehicles for transporting compressed gases in pressure vessels and petroleum tankers
  • Factories for the manufacture of fireworks
  • Warehouses and shops for fireworks
  • On-site manufacture of explosives in Bulk Mixing and Delivery [BMD] vehicles.
  • Petroleum tanks in seagoing vessels for the issuance of gas-free certificates for the authorisation of hot work, entry into such tanks and entry into such vessels in docks
  • Long-distance petroleum pipelines
  • Petroleum pipelines.
  • Petroleum tankers
  • Petroleum filling stations
  • Calcium carbide storage rooms
  • Explosives
  • Factories for the production of explosives
  • Storage rooms for explosives
  • Storage facilities for compressed gases in pressure vessels
  • Car LPG dispensers
  • LPG filling stations
  • Pressure vessels and their fittings
  • Gas cylinder filling plants
  • Factories for the manufacture of pressure vessels and their fittings, gas cylinder valves, LPG regulators and petroleum tankers and their fittings
  • CNG filling stations
  • Flameproof, intrinsically safe and special electrical equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas with flammable gases/vapours.
  • Flameproof equipment
  • Mechanical components installed in hazardous areas

Why is the PESO license required?

PESO License is a requirement in India because of the following reasons:

  • The explosive product needs oversight
  • The safety of the explosive industry cannot be ignored
  • Bad quality of critical products can lead to loss of life
  • Formulating safety guidelines for the manufacture of equipment
  • Establishing the preliminaries for fire safety
  • Machines used for the industry also require chemical industry require regulations

Who is eligible for the PESO License in India?

  • Factories that manufacture explosives: factories that are responsible for manufacturing explosives you need the PESO certification.
  • Storage premises for the explosives: The places that store explosives must always maintain a regulatory standard to ensure that the explosives aren’t expose to any kind of vulnerabilities.
  • Factories that manufacture fireworks: Firework manufacturers have to adhere to the same requirements as that of the explosives. And thus, they also require PSO certificate online.
  • Plants that provide filling of gas cylinders: PESO certificate for cylinders is also a requirement for those who are running plants to fill them.
  • Petroleum storage units: Installations that store petroleum require the PESO registration. Furthermore, PESO license for ethanol storage is also a requirement.
  • Petroleum pipelines: It is imperative for the petroleum pipelines to adhere to the guidelines of Petroleum and Explosives Organizations. And thus, they require the certification.
  • Petroleum service stations: Petrol pumps have to ensure that a certain level of safety is maintained  while selling fuel to the passers-by.
  • LPG bottling units: LPG bottling units are compression facilities that liquefy the petroleum gas to make it transportable. They also require the PESO license in India.
  • Oxygen cylinders manufacturers: PESO certificate for Oxygen cylinder that requires weight and hydro testing is mandatory.  
  • Oxygen processing plant: PESO license for oxygen plant is required in India.

Documents required for PESO certification in India

Following are the documents one requires to obtain PESO License in India:

  • Name, full address and details of the applicant
  • Information about unfired pressure vessels, vaporiser or fittings.
  • Specifications for the above devices
  • Organizational set up of the applicant entity
  • Manufacturing process of the vaporizer, fittings, and vessels
  • Details of the equipment installed
  • Details of the templates
  • Steps taken to check the correctness of the tests
  • Equipment that you implement to conduct non-destructive examination of the product
  • List of machinery at your premises
  • Name and address of the authority you have hired to inspect your premises
  • Records and test certification         
  • ISO certification of the facility (if you have any)
  • Relevant codes and other technical information of the products that you are using at your premises.

Procedure for obtaining PESO license in India

To obtain PESO online registration, the procedure that you must follow is as follows: