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Being the most sought-after business format, it boasts of several benefits such as extreme flexibility, separate legal existence and most importantly easy incorporation procedure.

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Private Limited Company Registration Process

Step 1
Prepare documentation
Step 2
Fill the application form
Step 3
Submit the application form
Step 4
Wait for processing
Step 5
Process complete

Private Limited Company Registration in India

Your dream to start a business in India can’t come to realization if you don’t have a proper business entity to support it. A private limited company is the most prominent form of business entity in India. From veterans to novice, from budding start-ups to established entrepreneurs and from north India to south India, it is considered to be the best business entity.

In order to start your business with such an entity, you need to go through the process of Private Limited company incorporation. Once you are successful with the process, you will get to enjoy the perks of a private limited company that include the following:

  1. Easy access to loans: For a business incorporated as a private limited firm, it is easy to acquire loans.
  2. Perpetual existence: Once the company is registered, it will be able to exist even after the owners have died.
  3. Separate legal entity: After you register a private limited company, the company itself becomes a separate legal entity.
  4. Ability to own property: As private limited company formation leads to the company becoming a separate legal entity.
  5. Tax benefits: A registered private limited company enjoys many tax benefits as well.

However, acquiring this business entity is no small task, for there are many requirements for private limited company.

Eligibility Criteria for Private Limited Company Registration in India

  1. Minimum two directors
  2. Minimum two shareholders
  3. At least one director should be from India
  4. Maximum 200 shareholders.

Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration in India

In regard to the Private Limited Company registration, following documents are needed:

  • Self-attested PAN card copy
  • One (Color) Photograph
  • Self-attested copy of any one of the Identity Proof like Driving License, Passport or Voter ID.
  • Self-attested copy of any one of the Address Proof like Bank Pass Book/Bank Statement, Telephone Landline Bill/ Mobile Bill or Electricity Bill.
  • For the Company Address proof Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill or Gas Bill AND Rent Agreement (If Rented) AND NOC for doing Business & for taking Registration

Process for Private Limited Company Registration in India

The procedure for private limited company registration in India is as follows:

·         Choosing a unique name for the company

·         Reserving the name of the private limited company using RUN application

·         Obtaining the DSC and DIN of the directors of the company

·         Drafting MOA and AOA of the company

·         Submitting the online application for private limited company incorporation

·         Assessment of the application by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Our Assistance in Private Limited Company Registration in India

We, at Registrationwala provide end to end solutions for private limited company registration in India. Our services include:

·         Company name research

·         Obtaining DSC and DIN

·         MOA and AOA drafting

·         Application filing

·         Following up with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

In order to keep up with these requirements, you need the assistance of the business experts. Additionally, the process of private limited company registration in India is something that only experts like CA or CS should handle.

Therefore, Registrationwala is here to help out. Our complete private limited company registration services shall ensure that you can setup your company and be on your way to success in no time.

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