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DPL License allows you to import, sale or distribute wireless products. NDPL license allows you use those specific products. Reach out to registrationwala for NDPL DPL License services.

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DPL NDPL License Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
License Granted

What is DPL NDPL License in India?

DPL License or the Dealer Possession License is issued to dealers and possessors of Wireless products. These are the entities that are involved in selling and distribution of wireless equipment. As per the telecom rules, the holders of DPL License can't sell their products to companies or entities that don't have the approval of the WPC to use those products. 

NDPL License or Non Dealer Possession License is issued to entities that are neither the dealers nor the proprietors of wireless products. They are merely entities that have wireless products in their possession. For example, a local cable operator. 

Both the licenses are issued by the Wireless Planning Commission: a regulatory body that we can help you reach out to. 

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Eligibility Criteria for DPL NDPL License in India

If you're a registered business entity, you are eligible to apply for the DPL License and NDPL License.


Documents Required for DPL/NDPL License in India

Following are the documents required for DPL License or NDPL License

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Equipment that you want to import, possess, sale or use
  • Technical specification of equipment
  • Duly filled application form

The process to acquire DPL/NDPL License in India

Following is the process to obtain DPL/NDPL License

  • Prepare documentation
  • Fill the application form
  • Submit the application
  • Wait for WPC's analysis
  • Obtain the DPL or NDPL License

Our Assistance to file the DPL NDPL License in India

Our experts know the terrain on which you have to walk on to get DPL or NDPL License. As India’s leading telecom experts, we understand the big (and small) details that you need to take into account when applying for DPL License or NDPL License. That’s why, to the process easier for you.

  • To take the whole responsibility of filing your application.
  • Our In house chartered accountants shall issue you the Net worth certificate.
  • Once the application is filed, we conduct a follow up to expedite the DPL or NDPL licensing process.
  • We ensure that all your details are securely filled once you obtain the letter of intent.

Our end to end business solutions for DPL or NDPL License and other such regulatory requirements and second to none. Reach out to us now so that we can get you ahead of line and initiate the licensing process right away.

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