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Obtain the authorization from office of Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI), and begin the process of publishing your own newspaper. Get in touch with our RNI registration consultant to start the process of RNI online registration.

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RNI Registration Process

Step 1
Choose newspaper Title
Step 2
Step 3
RNI Application filing for title approval
Step 4
RNI application filing for Content approval
Step 5
RNI registration granted

What is RNI Registration in India?

RNI Registration is the authorization to publish newspapers of publication in India. Provided by the Registrar of Newspaper in India, it’s the part of the Press and Books Registration Act 1867. So, if you want to establish your newspaper or publication, you’re required to obtain RNI certificate to legally start the process.

What’s the need for RNI?

If it’s one thing that you can count on in the morning, it’s the doorbell ringing. You step out of your home’s door and see the sunlight above, and today’s paper below. Your heart welcomes today’s news and you get on with your day informed and reliable. But, what if you become the reason of giving other publications or newspapers? What if, there exist a way to legally empower yourself to start your own publication?  

In India, it’s the Press and Books Registration Act 1867 that oversees the introduction and publication of a new newspaper, magazine or a periodical. An ancient act, it established a regulatory body called Registrar of Newspapers in India of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It’s only after this body issues the RNI newspaper registration or RNI magazine registration that newspapers, periodicals and magazines get the right to be published.

The job of the RNI is to:

  1. Compiling and maintain the Register of newspapers that are being published.
  2. Issue the RNI certificate to the newspapers so that they can be published.
  3. Verifying the claims of circulations and watching over the contents that are published.

While the requirement was only mandatory for newspapers, due to digitization and present of news on digital media, things have changed. As per the new rules, there is no RNI registration for online news portals.

Eligibility Criteria for RNI new Registration in India

The process of RNI eFiling gov registration is important for the following entities:

  1. Those who want to publish newspapers: Those in need of publishing their own newspaper, need to fill the RNI newspaper registration form
  2. Those who want to publish magazines: IF you want to publish periodical magazines. you need to obtain RNI registration for magazine.


If you're running a news portal, you're not required to know the answer to how to apply for RNI number as news portals in electronic form don't fall under the jurisdiction of RNI.

You access more information about the eligibility criteria if you access website of newspaper registrar in India. If you don't have the time, consult with our many blogs about the same. 

Documents Required for RNI Registration in India

The documents required for RNI registration for Title (Level 1) registration are as follows:

  1. Your ID proof
  2. Your address proof
  3. No objection Certificate if the publication is foreign
  4. Copy of a previous title, if any.
  5. A passport sized Photo.

Note: There is no rni registration cost

The RNI registration documents for the first issue (publication) RNI registration newspaper To obtain RNI registration as follows:

1.    Title verification Letter

2.    Authenticated Declaration

3.    Written agreement with the publisher is applicable

4.    Copy of the first issue

5.    Authorization letter between owner and the publisher if applicable.

Process of obtaining the RNI registration in India

This point specifies to the RNI registration procedure. So, read on to know how to get RNI number.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to get RNI registration number, here is our answer. RNI registration process is done at two levels.

  1. The first level is the registration or verification of the Title. At this level, your task is to get the title of the publication verified. As you can already imagine, to get this level of RNI registration, title should be:
    1. Unique.
    2. and Non offensive
  2. The second level is the registration of the publication: Once the title of your newspaper, magazine or periodical is approved, you have to submit the first copy of them and get a second level registration.

In this two levels of procedure for RNI registration, you have to take care of the first level before the second one. For registration to RNI, remember to reach out to an RNI registration agent first. 

Process for the first level or Title Level RNI Registration

Following is the first level of the newspaper registration process, it’s called the RNI title registration process. Think of it as RNI name registration.

  1.  Check if the title is available for registration. If it’s not unique, it won’t be. For that purpose, there are two levels of searches you can conduct. You can conduct the RNI registration search. It requires you to go to the RNI registration website and conduct thorough research. It will give the titles of all the registered newspapers in India.
  2. File the RNI online application of RNI title registration at the RNI registration website (official). The official RNI website is easily accessible Attach the documents required to it.  Furthermore, remember that the RNI magazine registration process or RNI newspaper registration process is a combination of online and offline steps. Thus, make sure to download the RNI title registration form.
  3. Download the application copy and submit its offline version to the DCP/JCP/CMM/SDM/DM/DC etc. These are the first people you’ll submit your publication to. You’ll not go to the registrar of newspapers for India address just yet. The authoritative body to which you have to submit the application varies depending on your state of operation. Don’t forget to submit the RNI registration fees.
  4. If you are applying for RNI certification in Delhi, it’s the DCP to whom you’ll submit the application.
  5. Wait for the authoritative body to verify your application. After that’s done, the application will go to RNI for further processing. Meanwhile you can check on the RNI title registration status. But the catch is you’d need to get in touch with an RNI registration consultants for that. It’s an important process to check on RNI registration number status, for it will inform from the very start if there is an issue with your application.
  6. Upon success, you’ll receive RNI verification Letter.

So, to get the gist of the process in simple terms. You first need to file the application for RNI Registration online, and then go ahead RNI registration form PDF download. Once downloaded, and paying the newspaper registration fees. You have to submit the form to the right authorities. Keep tabs on the RNI registration application status. Once your application is in processed, and accepted, you’ll be one step closer to RNI number registration.

Be mindful in this step. You need to take these few first steps properly if you’re to get your newspaper of magazine among the RNI registered titles. Additionally, make sure that you sign the RNI title registration form after download.  

Process for the second level or RNI issue Registration

After title registration, you need to conduct an RNI e filing registration for the content.

This process comes after you’ve received the RNI registration verification for title.

1.    File a declaration with the district magistrate that you’re planning to start a newspaper

2.    The declaration will then be authenticated by the DM.

3.    Publish the first issue of your newspaper/magazine/periodical as per the timeline below:

  • In case you plan to publish daily or weekly, you have to publish the first issue within 42 days of authentication.
  • In case you’re planning to publish once every fortnight or more, you have to publish the first issue within 90 days of getting the authorization.

4.    Submit the first issue to the department along with the documents required

5.    If everything is in order, you can go ahead and conduct a RNI registration certificate download.

Points to be noted:

1.    To obtain new RNI registration, you need know how to check RNI registration as well.  RNI registration check would give you a general idea of what types of publications are registered.

2.    The process of keeping tabs on RNI registration status is not something you need to do on your own. There are consultants who can help you in this regard.

3.    Once you acquire the RNI certificate, you’ll receive an RNI number. Thus, you can call the initial RNI registration form as RNI number application.

4.    In case you get lose the certificate, you can apply for rni certificate download once again.

Our Assistance to get the RNI registration in India

Why you should choose us as your RNI Registration Consultant?

When it comes to RNI registration agency that knows what they are doing, people look at our RNI consultants. India is a place with many thriving business licensing experts. But, what sets us apart from the rest is the multifaceted assistance that we provide for RNI registration:

  1. Getting RNI registration: Our services associated with thorough RNI registration involves high input from our side, and low RNI online registration fees from yours. We have made RNI registration charges low because we truly believe in freedom of expression. That belief pushes us into giving services to anyone willing to provide proper publication in India.
  2. Cancelling RNI registration: Why would one want to know how to cancel RNI registration? We don’t ask it. If you require it, just come to us with the requirement, and our consultants would see to it that it’s done.
  3. RNI registration renewal: From filing the RNI revised registration certificate application, checking the RNI revised registration status, to getting your certificate, our experts assist you in every aspect.

Our RNI Consultants are active all over India

Consider the popularity of the license in the RNI registration metropolis. Think how much people can get the right news at the right time if only you get the chance to give it to them. Keeping that in mind, we have established our foothold in multiple metropolitan regions:

  • Delhi: Our RNI registration consultants in Delhi know the lay of the land of news that happens in this political nexus of India. Thus, your friendly RNI registration consultant in Delhi provides thorough services in this regard.
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  • Mumbai: Providing new registration services in India’s most politically volatile state, our RNI registration consultants in Mumbai ensure all your requirements are fulfilled within the time you require us to.
  • Chennai:  Our RNI License consultants in Chennai are the leading business license consultant in the. Reach out to them to know more.
  • Hyderabad: Reach out to our RNI registration consultants in Hyderabad for complete RNI registration details on how you can establish your newspaper or magazine there.
  • Kerala: We also have an active RNI registration agent in Kerala to assist you with rni paper registration.

Get RNI certified within  a specified time

It merely takes three to four months to get the online RNI registration. The time is worth it, for we are the ones that take on the task to get you the license:

  1. We file your RNI online registration form, and offline one.
  2. We keep a watchful eye on the RNI certificate status or rni application status.
  3. If we see any discrepancies as we are seeing the RNI registration certificate status, We deal with them.
  4. We make sure to deliver timely RNI online registration certificate.

Registrationwala takes into account your requirements and delivers business certifications as per them. Contact us if you want hassle RNI registration.

So, don’t wait. Take the first stride towards starting your publication today. To reach out to our consultants for RNI registration, contact number is there right on the page.

On furthermore, if you’re interested, check out our video below explaining RNI registration process in Hindi.

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