Reliable OSP Registration and DOT Compliance Services

Whether you have a call center or are planning on running one, you need the aid of DOT Consultants for this job. Registrationwala provides the best OSP Registration and DOT Compliance Services no matter where you are located in India.

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DOT Consultant process

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We ask your requirements
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DOT Consultants in India

What is DOT Consultants

Our DOT Consultants provide two major services related to OSP:

  1. OSP Registration Services
  2. DOT Compliance Services

OSP Registration is a necessary legal requirement for businesses that want to run a call center / BPO. Given to such businesses by the Department of Telecommunication, It is first and the foremost legal requirement that requires experts to acquire it. Our DOT Consultants in India provide OSP Registration services in this following manner:

  1. We collect the documents
  2. We file the application
  3. We put the digital signature
  4. We file the online application
  5. We provide internal assistance to assure the registration
  6. We provide you online reports of the progress of your application.  
  7. We ensure that you get the OSP Registration Number.

DOT Compliances are forms that are needed to be by the holders of OSP Registration on an annual and event-based basis.

  1. Event-based Compliance
  2. Annual Returns

Our DOT Consultants in India provide timely filing of these compliances so that you are never left behind on your DOT Compliances.

Eligibility Criteria for DOT Consultants in India

As DOT Consultants, we consider you eligible regardless of the scale and type of your OSP. Just come with us with your requirement and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Documents Required for DOT Consultants in India

  1. Certificate of incorporation of your company
  2. Document comprising of details of your OSP
  3. Financial Statements

Process of getting assistance from ourDOT Consultants in India

The process for getting assistance for our services are as follows:

·         Fill the website contact form

·         We will reach out to you

·         Provide us your requirements

·         We deliver

Our Assistance to file the DOT Consultants

As DOT Consultants, it’s our sacred duty to provide you exact services that you require while maintaining it’s affordability and never compromising with its quality.

  1. We are transparent
  2. We are reliable
  3. We provide complete solutions
  4. We deliver on time
  5. We support you throughout the process of OSP Registration
  6. Our DOT Compliance services in India are thorough.

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