Get LMPC Certificate for importing pre-packed products

Department of Legal Metrology of India issues certificate to those who want to either import pre-packed products in India. Registrationwala can become your vehicle to acquire LMPC registration or importer license easily.

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Importer License Process

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What is LMPC Registration in India or What is LMPC Certificate?

If you’re an importer who imports pre-packaged products and then distribute or sells it, you need oversight from a department that can watch over the quality of the import. The Legal Metrology Department of India is that department, and it provides the said oversight by issuing LMPC Certificate. LMPC, full form, Legal Metrology packaged Commodities - then act that governs the certification process. 

Also known as import license, LMPC certification has to be applied for within 90 days of starting the import.

Eligibility Criteria for Importer License in India

Declarations an importer has to make before importing goods in India

As per the Legal Metrology Packaged commodity rules, published in 2011, any importer has to comply to them and thus provide mandatory declarations before starting the import. They are as follows:

1.    Country of origin of the product

2.    Details of the manufacturer, including name and address

3.    Address of the manufacturer

4.    Month and year in which the product was manufactured.

5.    Year when the product is to be imported.

However, the range of declarations would vary depending upon the nature of the product. For example, the declarations associated with food products would be different from declarations made for electronic or electrical products.

If the importer doesn’t make the following declaration, he or she is not eligible for the LMPC certificate. 

Documents Required for Importer License in India

To obtain the Importer License, you must provide the following documents.

·         Certificate of incorporation

·         Other business licenses pertaining to your business

·         A duly filled application form

·         DD of the application fee

·         Details that you’re required to input on the display pane of the package.

Process of obtaining the Importer License in India

Here is the LMPC registration procedure  

LMPC registration online is not possible as no such steps exist in LMPC official website. The offline steps are as follows:

·         Get the application for Importer License from the LMPC

·         Fill the application form

·         Attach the required documents

·         Submit the application to the LMPC along with the lmpc certificate cost

·         Get the license.

After the declaration has been filed by the importer, he obtains an LMPC certificate or the Importer Registration certificate. They can show that certificate to the clearance authorities at the ports in order to get the product (s) imported.

Our Assistance to get the Importer License in India

Importer license or Importer registration or import export license, whatever you want to call it, needs the deft hands of business consultants to get. That’s why, our team of Registrationwala offers thorough services in this regard.

1.    We help you file the application as for LMPC certificate, apply online is something you can't do. 

2.    We conduct a complete follow up in your behalf.

3.    We deal with every error deftly.

So, if you’re looking for LMPC registration or import export license, remember our experts for assistance.

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