What is the process of Import License in India?

  • January 09, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What is an Import License?

If you're an importer of pre-packaged products and want to distribute or sell them in your domestic market, then you need oversight from some Metrology Department, which oversees the import quality of the product. The Legal Metrology Department of India provides oversight by issuing the requisite LMPC Certificate or Import License Certificate.

Here, LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities. After fulfilling the Import License requirements, the LMPC Authority will issue the required certification if the applicant applies for the Import License within 90 days of starting the import. Any applicant can apply for such registration within 90 days from the date of the commencement of the Importer’s business.

Licensed Importer’s Compliance with the LMPC Rules

Every such Importer’s applicant must comply with the LMPC rules before the requisite goods are imported into the country. Under such LM regulations, the Importer must ensure that mandatory declarations are made on these pre-packed and imported commodities.

Pre-packaged & Imported Commodity Declaration Details

As per the pre-packaged commodity rules, the Importer must comply with the mandatory declaration, such as the following:

  • Country of Origin
  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Manufacturer’s Address
  • Importer Address
  • Date of Manufacturing
  • Date of Import

The scope of such declarations must be made on these imported commodities. But such details vary from product to product. For instance, Declarations made on imported food products are different from the declarations made on imported non-edible items.

Why is Importer License registration necessary?

Every Importer of pre-packed commodities must obtain the requisite LMPC Certificate before embarking on the import business. It is because the Custom Authorities stop the clearance of goods for want of the requisite Importer’s certificate from the LMD, i.e., the Department of Legal Metrology. Such events can panic the Importer. To save yourselves from the trouble, connect with the Legal Metrology experts at the Registrationwala and get your Importer’s License asap.

Registration of a Company as an Importer of weighing and measuring instruments must be done as per the Legal Metrology regulations. For such purposes, the Government has devised a systematic procedure for registering the Businesses under Legal Metrology terms.


Eligible Entities for LMPC registration of Importers

We have enlisted you some of the eligible entities who can apply for the Importer License registration under the Department of Legal Metrology:

  • Product Manufacturing Company
  • Food Importers
  • Drugs and Cosmetic Importers
  • Importers & Packager

Import License Requirements for Documentation

Every eligible applicant for the Import License must compile the following documents to supplement their application with the Department of Legal Metrology.

  • Copy of PAN Card: It can include any of the following, as per the business’s structure:
  • Proprietor PAN in case of a Sole Proprietorship
  • Company PAN card number
  • Partnership or an LLP PAN card number
  • Copy of Registered Address Proof
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration of the applicant Company
  • Shops and Establishments Act Registration certificate
  • Documents by the Local Government Body, such as
  • GST Certificate
  • Shop License
  • MSME Certificate
  • Import Premises Proof Documents, or documents issued by Local Government Bodies, such as:
  • Taxation Certificate
  • Shop or Establishment permit
  • MSME Certificate
  • Factory Permit
  • Pollution License
  • Premise Rent Agreement
  • IEC Registration Certificate
  • Signature of the Applicant in the jpeg file format
  • PAN card of the Partners/Directors of the LLP/Company
  • Aadhar Card (if applicable)

Process to obtain an Import Export License

The applicant must file the Importer’s application as per Rule 15 of the Legal Metrology Rules of 2011. It defines the required registration procedure. For fee-related issues, refer to the 12th Schedule of the LMA act. We have jotted down the application format as prescribed in the application as per the 10th Schedule of the LMPC Rules. Let's have a look on Import License Procedure

Step 1 : Application Filing

Firstly, The applicant must file the application in the following forms as per their needs:

  • Form LM-1: Manufacturer License
  • Form LR-1: Repairer License
  • Form LD-1: Dealer License
  • Form LI-1: Importer’s License

Vital documents must accompany the submission.

Step 2 : Application Verification & Premise Inspection

Then, the applicant must submit the application form along with the documents to the LMD. The Local Inspector will verify the submitted documents. Thereafter, he will conduct an inspection of the applicant’s premises. Finally, he will prepare and submit a Report to the Controller of the LM Licensing Authority.

Step 3 : Grant of Import License

Once verification and inspection are complete, the applicant must pay the required registration fee. At last, the LMD will grant you the Importer License.

Any of the following entities that imports any commodity for sale, distribution or delivery must make the requisite application for Importer's registration:

  • Individual
  • Partnership Firm
  • Hindu Undivided Family
  • Society
  • Company
  • Corporation

A fee of Rs. 5000 must accompany the application. The fee must be payable to the Director or the Controller for the Importer Registration. The application must be made in its name, along with the complete Address.

Every Import Licensee must make the registration application in each of the following scenarios:

  • Importer applicant importing a commodity at the commencement of LMPC rules, within ninety days from such commencement
  • Importer applicant who commences importing of a commodity after the commencement of LMPC rules, within ninety days from the date of commencement

Step 4 : Content of the Importer License Application

Every Importer Application must contain the following particulars:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Official Address of the premises at which the registration applicant makes the import of one or more commodities
  • Name of the commodity/commodities imported by the applicant

In these rules, Complete Address has the same meaning assigned to it in explaining LMPC rules.

Step 5 : Alteration of the Importer Registration Certificate

For any alteration in the Importer registration certificate, the concerned Importer must pay a fee of rupees one hundred to the Director or Controller. On receipt of the application, the Director, as the Registering Authority, must do in the following scenarios:

  • If the filed application is not complete, return the same to the Import License applicant. He must return it within seven working days from the date of application receipt
  • If the filed application is complete in all respects, the Director will register the Import applicant and consequently grant a registration certificate to the Import License


What to do if an Importer wants to shorten his Address? 

The Department of Legal Metrology makes it lawful for any Importer to make an application to the Director/Controller for a shorter address registration. It can be in addition to the complete Address, as per the LMPC rules. The Director/Controller can register for such Shorter Address if satisfied after inquiry that the Address is sufficient to enable the consumer to identify the Importer.

If the Controller registers a shorter address, the LMPC dictates the Importer to state the shorter Address on the commodity's label pre-packed by him.

The Controller of the Legal Metrology Department can enter in a register, maintained by him, the name and official Address of each Importer by whom such registration application has been made. The Register of Importers must be open to inspection by the public without any fee payment.





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