Why Must Cosmetic Importers Get CDSCO Registration in India?

  • April 28, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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When it comes to importing products to the country, there are many hoops one must jump thro8ugh. Many consider it unnecessary.

Many try to ignore it. And, many, through dubious means, “smuggle” products into the country. And there is also another category; ones who think “what’s the harm”, and then try to import products under the radar. The products this category is concerned with are cosmetic. 

But beware. 

CDSCO, or Central Drug Standard Control Organization, is always on the watch for those trying to take the wrong way. Without their approval, you can’t hope to legally bring any cosmetic product into the country. 

But it’s not only mandatory in legal terms. It’s also mandatory in the ethical and healthcare terms. 

Thus, we will try to convince you to get a CDSCO license to import cosmetics to India through this article. This article will tell you why it’s important for cosmetics importers to get CDSCO License in India. 

The legal reason: CDSCO wants to implement uniform rules for everyone

Importing anything in the country requires going through customs. Whether it’s a CDSCO approved drug or any electronics, everything needs the approval of the higher-ups. But in the case of cosmetics, the things we are talking about are drugs. Regardless of what many think, chemically, a cosmetic contains drugs or some form of medication in them. 

Regulating the import and management of Drugs into the country is why CDSCO is formed. 

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The ethical reason: CDSCO wants to reduce as much animal cruelty as it can

Have you ever considered why some cosmetic products are so powerful? The glow that some of these products bestow on the user can sometimes feel unnatural. It doesn’t happen because of plants and other vegetations. It happens because there is something dubious in them. The deeper you look, the more you realize that animals have had to pay the price (generally with their life) for giving you that fresh, smooth skin (or lips). 

To prevent and minimize animal testing, CDSCO registration has been made mandatory. 

The Healthcare reason: CDSCO license ensures that the products you’re bringing in are healthy

The chemically enhanced nature of cosmetics makes them a good vehicle for harmful chemicals. From heavy metals to straight-up toxins, the cosmetics available nowadays often come with a nasty surprise. And when the surprise is nasty, customer trust can go low. When you take CDSCO License, you also take steps to ensure that no customer of yours can be harmed through your cosmetic products. 


Most of the reasons I’ve mentioned might seem a bit innocuous to you. But I bet you that’s not the case. Without proper oversight, many lives have been lost. From benign ulcers to skin cancer, from blurred visions to straight-up blindness, cosmetic products can harm the body in many ways when unregulated. And even if they don’t, the cost to wildlife in conducting this kind of business doesn’t make it worth it. If you want to start importing cosmetics, make sure that it has the CDSCO approval and CDSCO registration before you allow them.

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