ISO 17025 Certification Process

  • September 27, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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The ISO 17025 specifies the requirements needed to make the testing and other operations of the laboratories competent. If you ware running a laboratory that provides certain types of tests, then this certification will make sure that you tests and your calibrations are right. Show off that your laboratory produces the best results by following the ISO 17025 Certification process.  

The Process of ISO 17025 Certification:

The process associated with ISO 17025 Certification in India is the one that you might have heard about with each ISO certification blog that you might have read. It is true, the process associated with ISO certification is in fact a simple and a similar one. However, there are some intricate differences and they lie with the documents required and the personnel required for the auditing process. That being said let us look into the steps that entail the certification process for ISO 17025.

  1. Getting the standard: Your first responsibility will be to get your hands on the standard. This standard will entail all the requirements of how your laboratory should be able to perform. Make sure that you get this standard and then also make sure that your laboratory is up to the requirements explained in the standard. 
  2. Application filing: This step entails filing the application for the registration. There are several intricacies with the application. Therefore, make sure that you have access to the right ISO expert when you are filing the application. 
  3. Auditing: The application and the policy documents for the requirements of the laboratory tests and calibrations will be audited by a proper auditor. They will thoroughly browse through the application.
  4. Certification: after the audit is over and it is certified that you are up to standards, you will be provided with the ISO 17025 certificate. 

Once you have this certificate, you can show off that you have the best tests and calibrations among all. However, do not forget that you need ISO experts to do so. Therefore, make sure that you get in touch with Registrationwala to get these experts. 

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