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CDSCO Registration Process

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CDSCO (Cosmetic) Registration in India

As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, CDSCO Registration is a mandatory requirement for the import of cosmetics into India. Import of cosmetics is regulated by CDSCO, full form, Central Drug Standard Control Organization through the DCGI, full form, Drugs Controller General of India. CDSCO registration is provided after you complete a stringent process. That’s why Registrationwala offers precise and comfortable CDSCO license registration services.

CDSCO Import License

Do you want to import CDSCO cosmetics from foreign lands? If you do, you require registration of import of cosmetics from CDSCO or Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, which is under the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. So all that’s required is you go to the CDSCO SUGAM registration portal and file for the registration.

In 2010, the Government of India issued a gazetted notification regarding importing foreign cosmetic products. In that, it made it mandatory to obtain a CDSCO import license for those who wish to import and sell cosmetic products across India. 

Why is CDSCO cosmetic registration required in India?

‘Chemical enhanced’ Cosmetics

By their very nature, cosmetic products are quite “chemically enhanced” in nature. Furthermore, much of it relies on chemicals and matters that are harmful to individuals. Additionally, animal testing has always been an issue.

Regardless, most countries rely on FDA cosmetic registration even after knowing all this. However, as time has passed and foreign cosmetics have grown more in demand, several questions have arisen regarding the ethics of how these products are produced. For example, India, a pacifist country with immense compassion to boot, believes in “no cruelty” to animals and has thus introduced CDSCO registration or registration of import of cosmetic products.

CDSCO certification purposes

Through it, the overarching goal of the Central Drug Standard Control Organization is to establish CDSCO license guidelines to:

CDSCO certification purposes

  1. Ensure that no heavy metals and other toxins are used to produce cosmetic products. Many of these chemicals can’t even come on the list of CDSCO-registered drugs.
  2. No animals are harmed or tested during the production of the product.
  3. The product is safe to consume by the masses.
  4. Ensure that only CDSCO-approved Drugs, CDSCO medical devices, and other CDSCO-approved products are only allowed to import.  For that purpose, the registrations like CDSCO registration for medical devices, CDSO voluntary registration, CDSCO test license, CDSCO wholesale license, dual license CDSCO and others have been made mandatory.

Note: You can refer to the original CDSCO website for CDSCO approved Drug list or the CDSCO guidelines ppt.

In simple terms, you need CDSCO approval before bringing cosmetics across the Indian border and into the country because, just like any other medicine, your cosmetic products also contain many harmful chemicals. Thus, like any drug import would need CDSCO drug registration, CDSCO cosmetic import registration for cosmetics is also required.

Eligibility criteria for CDSCO Registration in India

As per CDSCO guidelines, the following are the parties eligible to get cosmetic license registration for import or CDSCO registration certificate:

Eligibility criteria for CDSCO Registration in India

  • A manufacturer company with a registered operating office in the country(India).
  • Any authorized agent of the said manufacturer.
  • A subsidiary company of that manufacturer.
  • Any other import who wishes to deal with the business of importing cosmetic products from other countries.

So all the above need to have registration in CDSCO.

Documents required for CDSCO Registration in India

Documents required for CDSCO Registration in India

As per the product registration guidelines CDSCO or CDSCO registration guidelines for products, the documents required for CDSCO online registration to import cosmetics are as follows:

Cover Letter

A cover letter mentioning the purpose of applying for the registration. It’s to convince the department why you should be considered for cosmetics import registration in India.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney authorizing a signatory to certify the documents and file your application. It will also entail the following details:

  • Manufacturers complete details
  • Authorized agent’s complete detail
  • Details of the product
  • The validity period of the PoA

Undertaking & Declarations

  •  A duly filled undertaking
  • Declaration of No-Animal Testing
  • Declaration of No Heavy metal of Hexachlorophene content in the product
  • A duly filled application form

Ingredient Details

List of ingredients used to make the cosmetic products.

Product Label

The label of the product that you want to import must entail the following details:

  • Product name
  •  Manufacturer’s details
  • If any, the manufacturer’s license
  • Registration certificate number
  • Information about the labels as per the rules of drugs and cosmetics law

Licenses and Certification

  • CDSCO manufacturing license of a specific product
  • A CDSCO free sale certification (Simply the free sale certificate) issued to the manufacturer by the country of the product’s origin.

Licensing Fee

The license processing fee for CDSCO registration

Testing Report

  • Specification of the cosmetic product
  • The testing method you’ve implemented on your cosmetic product

Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the above CDSCO registration checklists. It’s the recipe to make registration at CDSCO a success.

Process of obtaining the CDSCO Registration in India

The process of CDSCO registration for the import of cosmetics involves the following steps:

  • Go to the CDSCO registration portal and click on the Login or Sign up button. The option will appear on the top left hand.
  • If you already have an account, then fill in the details such as username or email, password and Captcha. You can recover the password if you forgot it.
  • If you are new to the website, click on Don’t have an account! Button for signup.
  • It will redirect you to a new page. Choose a registration purpose from the given list on the website.
  •  A new one will appear, fill in all your personal information such as applicant type, user name, password, name, mobile number, nationality, ID proof and Undertaking. 
  • There is already a PDF given for undertaking, you just have to download it, fill in your details, sign it and submit it on the website.
  • Other than these details, fill in the details of your registered Indian address. 
  • Organisation name and type
  • Corporate Identification Number and DST Registration Number
  • Complete address
  • Once you’ve filled out the CDSCO application forms, wait for the CDSCO to go through and approve your application.
  • After getting the registration number for the import of cosmetics, you can start your business.

Note: The CDSCO form has many types. So choose the one specified in CDSCO guidelines for CDSCO product registration. Also, check your registered mail for all the communication.

Our Assistance in getting the CDSCO Registration in India

A cosmetic import license is an old authorization, but not many can provide it to you. That’s not the case with us. At Registrationwala, we perceive your need for import registration of cosmetics with an analytical eye. From drafting your cover letter to ensuring that you have the correct documentation at hand, from submitting your application to conducting a thorough follow-up to deal with any discrepancies that come up, Registrationwala assists in every matter of CDSCO license registration. Regarding the import license for cosmetics, we are your best bet.

And another reason to choose us is the low professional CDSCO cosmetic registration fees. Our CDSCO license consultants charge nominally but deliver exponentially.

So why wait? Contact our CDSCO registration consultants at and start getting import licenses for cosmetics today.


Q. How to register CDSCO Cosmetic Registration in India?

For registering under CDSCO first visit the SUGAM Portal. Next follow these steps:


  1. Choose the option for Login/ Signup, and fill the details accordingly.
  2. Select option ‘For Cosmetic Registration’.
  3. Enter details, upload documents and submit.
  4. Payment page will open, complete the payment.
  5. Download PDF of the filled form.
  6. Now upload the same PDF on the next page and submit.
  7. Last, the form will be sent for approval.

Q. What is the cost of CDSCO (Cosmetic) Registration in India?

A. Each application has to pay a fee of USD 250 or its equivalent Indian rupees for each Brand  for each category of cosmetics as mentioned in Column 3 of the list enclosed at Annexure.

Q. Who can apply for Cosmetic Registration in India?

A. Check out following ones for applying Cosmetic Reg.

  1. The Manufacturer himself has a registered office in India.
  2. The Authorized Agent of the Manufacturer
  3. The Subsidiary of the Manufacturer
  4. Any other importer

Q. What documents are required for Cosmetic Registration?

A. For Cosmetic registration in India you need following docs:

  1. Covering letter by the applicant
  2. Form 42
  3. Treasury Challan
  4. Power of Attorney
  5. Schedule D III
  6. Original or a copy of the Label.
  7. Free Sale Certificate (FSC)/Marketing Authorization letter/Manufacturing License, if any
  8. Product specification and testing protocol.
  9. List of countries where Market Authorization or import permission or registration was granted.
  10. Soft copies of the information about the brands, products and manufacturer

Q. What is the eligibility for Cosmetic Registration in India?

A. The manufacturer ensure the cosmetic production is done under a qualified staff and the requirements are:

  1. Pharmacy Diploma approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under the Pharmacy Act, 1948
  2. Registered under the Pharmacy Act, 1948
  3. Passed intermediate examination with Chemistry as one of the subjects or any other equivalent examination recognised by the licensing authority.

Q. What Cosmetic products are not allowed to import in India?

A. These following products are not allowed to import in India when you get CDSCO license

  1. Using such a drug or cosmetic which has a risk to human beings or animals.
  2. Lacks the therapeutic value claimed for it.
  3. Includes ingredients in such quantities that there is no therapeutic justification.

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