Importance of CDSCO Certificate in Public Health Domain

  • February 08, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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CDSCO Certificate is a critical concern these days because of the number of imported products coming to India. It is due to foreign products that tend to have foreign materials that do not align with our regulations. It can thus create public health issues in the country. But what are those issues, and what role does CDSCO certification play to rectify them? Let us discuss. 

Now that the lockdown is finally lifted in various regions across India, people are rushing outside to do one thing – go on with their daily lives. However, much of these lives are under the influence of foreign products. Because such articles are related to drugs and cosmetics, the Central Drug Standard Control Organization had to step in.

And they made the CDSCO license mandatory?

What is the CDSCO License?

It refers to the authorization to manufacture or produce drugs, medical disposables or cosmetics in India. The product registration guidelines by the CDSCO state that:

  1. Every product is free from toxins.
  2. The products contain regulated substances within the regulated amounts.
  3. All the manufacturing happens under the supervision of experts who understand the regulations of government bodies.

What is the purpose of CDSCO registration?

The purpose of this registration is a simple one – to regulate products that are manufactured or imported in India. However, because it is the foreign products giving the government reasons to worry, the government is more concerned about importers.

As for this certification, one can divide its purpose into SAR:

  • S is for Safety: As the foreign products are for the use of Indian citizens, the license ensures that these imported articles don’t contain any substance harmful to health.
  • A is for Assessment: Several parameters exist within the guidelines of CDSCO SUGAM registration. The Organization has to assess the foreign cosmetics and other products per those guidelines to ensure that they meet the regulatory standards. 
  • R is for Regulatory changes: The government has amended more regulations in the past decade than it had since India received its independence. The license ensures that the importers follow the directions given by the government despite the changes. 

All these factors ensure the well being of the public of India – who are currently desperate and need all the help it can get.

Threats posed by imported cosmetics and other articles in India

There is a certain aura around the word “imported”. It automatically makes our heart skip a beat when we hear it. It might not make sense, but in our minds, we start to believe that ‘Yes, if the product is foreign, it must be a good one. Such a belief, and access to high-quality internet has increased our expenditure.

However, in our enthusiasm, we forget some basic facts.

  1. The regulations governing the manufacture of those products are different.
  2. There are aspects of manufacturing that are allowed in other countries. India disagrees with those aspects.
  3. Most products have the blot of animal testing.

These points might not seem like much, but they are the reasons behind threats to general public health.

And as for the nature of these issues, they are as follows:

  1. The differing regulations can aid manufacturers to bypass the restrictions during the manufacturing process.
  2. Eventually, it can lead to products that can harm the health of Indian citizens. Because most importers are more concerned about profits and less about the well-being of the people. Therefore, no hesitation is present in importers when selling the product to the masses.

How does the CDSCO import license halt such threats?

For dealing with such issues, the CDSCO online registration process takes a two-pronged approach of online and offline assessment:

  1. During the online scrutiny, the government body analyzes if the importer is aware of the nature of the product they are trying to import.
  2. And the offline analysis: It is the way to assess the cosmetic at its in-house laboratory.


CDSCO Certificate exists to help people get the satisfaction of using the right products. During these pandemic times, when the threat of COVID19 is already floating around, they need all the help they can get. And CDSCO registration provides a way to do so.

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