MPEDA boosts India’s Seafood Export Market with Seafood Expo 2023 Participation

  • March 20, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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MPEDA, the central agency responsible for promoting and regulating export markets for Seafood Industry in India, recently exhibited the country’s diverse kinds of Seafood on palettes at Seafood Expo North America. MPEDA arranged an entire pavilion for showcasing the range of fishery products produced and exported by Indian Exporters in the Global Markets. The Seafood Expo was held for three days from March 11, 2023, to March 14, 2023. Such participation has been happening for ages in the Seafood Expo by MPEDA. Many online registered MPEDA exporters have participated in the Seafood Expo. But what makes this year's Expo special? Let us discover the following sections.

Firstly, Let us understand Seafood Expo North America 2023

The Seafood Expo North America is the largest Seafood Exposition in all of North America. This year’s Seafood Expo is attended by uncountable fishery buyers as well as seafood suppliers from around the world. The Seafood Expo 2023 is arranged as an Annual Three-Day exposition for the purpose of creating a network of marine businesses. To become a participant Marine Exporter at such International Fairs, you must get the online MPEDA registration license from its portal.

Here, the Seafood Buyers are representatives of any of the following:

  • Seafood Importers
  • Seafood Exporters
  • Seafood Wholesalers
  • Seafood Restaurants
  • Seafood Supermarkets
  • Seafood Hotels
  • Seafood Retail Service Providers

Suppliers at the Expo offer the latest seafood products as well as processing & packaging equipment. They can also detail the services available in the seafood market.

Sponsored by the National Fisheries Institute, the Seafood Expo is projected by for its social media and produced by Diversified Communications, a Global Leader in the expositions of the Seafood Industry around the world.

Visitors brief their experience of Indian Food at the Seafood Expo 2023

A Convention filled with more than fifty major Nation stalls, Seafood Expo was instrumental in displaying Seafood from around the world. But most Seafood on display were frozen and put in tiny cup samples like Sushi.


"40 % of all shrimps consumed in the US are from India"


At the Indian Pavillion, Michelin chef Hemant Mathur was live cooking calamari and shrimp in Indian curry style. Distasted by the mostly frozen Food at the display, the heads of the people turned to the aroma of the tasting plates provided by the attendants at the Indian Stall. Chef Mathur became the star attraction at the India pavilion organized by the Marine Products Export Development Authority. He has been invited by the Indian Consulate of New York to the event. 

The Indian Pavilion had multiple booths from Indian Seafood Exporters coming to expand their customer base in the United States. MPEDA at Food Stall provided information on the quality, sustainability, and traceability of Indian Seafood. It also highlighted the measures that Seafood Companies in India take to meet the Industry’s standards.

Become an enthusiastic participant at Seafood Expo as a Marine Exporter by getting the e-mpeda online registration.

Why is participation in such Expositions important for MPEDA licensees?

The role of MPEDA is to promote the Seafood Export market of India in various overseas markets. MPEDA also seeks to penetrate such new markets. Therefore, they have adopted an aggressive marketing strategy, i.e., Participation in International Seafood Fairs. Such participation goes a long way in promoting Marine Products in Foreign Lands, consequently earning better forex revenue for India every year.

Licensed MPEDA Exporters can have better access to the international markets through such moves.

Such participation is an effective method to market India’s array of seafood products. It will also push for value addition with International Buyers. With such participation, Indian Seafood Exporters registered at MPEDA can exhibit their products as well as interact with the Buyers, often culminating in confirmed orders for their products. Some of the reasons for such Global Fairs participation by the MPEDA can be any, some, or all of the following:

  • Increasing product demand in the international markets
  • Harnessing Market Opportunities
  • Strengthening India’s market share in Global Seafood Trade
  • Developing Indian Marine Export Market
  • Sustaining existing Trade Relations
  • Garnering Feedback on Seafood requirements 
  • Resolving Trade Issues with other Dignatories

Along with such purposes, MPEDA also receives direct orders at the food stalls. Also, MPEDA gets trade inquiries at its pavilion with subsequent follow-ups. Such moves aid in getting new trading partners and expanding their trading zone.



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