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  • June 22, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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FCRA is the mandatory registration that any Trust, NGO or Section 8 Company has to acquire to be eligible to get donations from foreign entities. FCRA registration is governed under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, put in place in 2010. It acts as an over-watch organization to ensure that the foreign donations are not used to deter the socio-economic-political progress of India.

That being said, the registration isn’t infinite. There is an expiry date mentioned on the certificate of said registration and when that date arrives, the holder has to renew it. In this article, we have explained, in comprehensive detail, the process of FCRA registration renewal.

Online Procedure for FCRA Registration Renewal

Here is the comprehensive process that’ll allow the holder to renew their registration:


  1. Navigate to the FCRA online portal.
  2. Create a login ID. If you have your old credentials, you can just login without the need of an ID.
  3. Search for FC-3C form. It’s the FCRA registration renewal form.
  4. Start filling the form and when asked, upload the required documents:
    1. Signature of the head of the applying organization
    2. Seal of the applying organization
    3. Registration certificate of the organization
    4. Memorandum of Association of the applying organization
    5. FCRA registration certificate that has to be renewed.
    6. Audited statement of the finances of the organization
  5. Submit the application, after paying the prescribed fee.
  6. You will receive an application number. Note it down to check the FCRA renewal application status in future.
  7. It’s advisable that the applicant’s conducts FCRA registration renewal status enquiry on a daily basis. That way, if the status says rejected or shows some fault with the application, the applicant can take steps to rectify the situation.


Validity period of FCRA registration

The old foreign regulation contribution act allowed the trusts and NGOs to keep the FCRA registration permanently. However, since 2010, it has changed. As it stands, now FCRA registration is only valid for 5 years, by the end of which the registration becomes null and void. Thus, FCRA registration renewal Form was created.



FCRA registration empowers an organization with the ability to get donations from foreign countries. However, without the oversight of the government, such funds can be used to manipulate the recipient country from within. Thus, by renewing FCRA registration, an organization can empower and protect itself for a long time.

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