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Legal metrology contains a wide range of certifications required for importing, packing and manufacturing products. Our Legal metrology consultancy in LMA gives you all the support you need to get any one of those certifications.

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Legal Metrology Consultancy in LMA Process

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Application filing
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Sample Submission
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Sample Testing

What is Legal Metrology in LMA?

Legal Metrology under LMA or Legal Metrology is a regulations that watches over the quantitative aspects of all the products that are manufactured or imported in India. If the products meet the standards mentioned in the said act, they are allowed to be manufactured or imported. Otherwise, they are not allowed anywhere in the vicinity of Indian citizens.

When the product is approval as per LMA, a legal metrology certificate is issued. The nature of that certificate depends upon the type of trade you are into.

  • Are you an importer?
  • Are you a packer?
  • Are you a manufacturer?
  • Are you dealing with weights and measuring products?
  • Are you dealing with simple, non-weights & measure products?

It’s questions like these that define the type of Legal metrology certification you seek. Seeking is not enough, as to get them, you need to have the aid of right Legal metrology consultancy. 

Types of Legal Metrology Certifications

As per the Legal metrology Act (LMA), following types of certifications are present.

  • Packer License: Also known as the packer manufacturer license, it’s a certificate that defines the way you’re going to label the package of your products. It’s a license that’s required for every product, regardless of its nature, that is either manufactured in or importer to, India. 
  • Model Approval: Through Model Approval, the legal metrology act is used to certify the weights and measuring products that are manufactured or imported in India
  • Legal metrology certificate: You need to obtain this certificate for manufacturing weights and measure products in India. Unless your product meets the LMA standards, you won’t get the right to sell it. 
  • Dealer Certification: If you’re neither the manufacturer nor the importer of the weights and measuring products, but is a distributor or seller of them, you need dealer certification in India. 
  • Importer registration: Section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009 say that those who wish to import weights and measuring products in India, have to obtain importer registration. 

Documents required for legal metrology certificate

Following are the common documents required for legal metrology certificate. The rest would vary depending upon the type of certificate you’ve applied for.

·         Business entity proof

·         ID proof

·         Sample of the product

·         Duly filled application form

·         Test report

·         Receipt of the application fee. 

Standard procedures for legal metrology registrations

All the aforementioned Legal metrology certificates follow a standard procedure. It’s steps are as follows:

1.       Application filing

2.       Document submission

3.       Sample submission

4.       Sample testing

5.       Grant of Legal metrology certificate as per the requirement of the applicant. 

How can our legal metrology consultancy assist you?

Registrationwala have a wealth of experience when it comes to legal metrology services. it’s an advantage for you. We are already familiar with the documents that you’d need to submit and the steps that you’d need to take. Thus, we take the task of applying for the certificate off your hands. Let us handle the certification matters while you do what you do best, be a spectacular entrepreneur. 

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