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If you’re a telecom service provider looking for foreign investment, then you need to obtain the FIFP Approval. Also known as Foreign Investment Facilitation Portal’s Approval, the procedure of getting it can be cumbersome. Let Registrationwala lighten that burden and get it done for you.

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FIFP Approval for Telecom

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FIFP Approval

What is FIFP Approval for Telecom in India?

Foreign Investment Facilitation Portal (FIFP) is an inter-ministerial body that acts as an authority establishing frameworks for FDI policies, FEMA regulations and other 11 notified government bodies.

For companies that don’t qualify for automatic approval for foreign direct investment, FIFP approval is important. Telecom enterprises come under such a list of non-qualified candidates.

So, what’s the actual goal of the FIFP portal. Simply put, it’s to increase FDI in the country, but within the regulatory registrations and oversight of the government. Thus, all the non qualified companies required a foreign vestment approval of FIFP before that investment can be used for operations in India. 

What is the objective of FIFP approval?

Following constitute as the objective of Foreign investment approvals in India:

  1. Enhancing FDI investments in India
  2. Creating transparency between several government departments about the FIFP approval process
  3. Promoting investment for activities of national and international companies that are under Non-Resident Indians.
  4. Digitizing the approval process so that no data can be falsified or hidden from the government bodies.
  5. Informing all the investors about the volatile FDI policies that change with the evolving foreign investment options. 


Documents required for FIFP approval for telecom

The authority that deals with FIFP approval for telecom is obviously Department of Telecommunication. To appease this authority, you need to file the application and submit the following documents:

1.       A detailed report of the telecom company.

2.       A proposal highlighting your need for foreign investments and their justification

3.       Copy of Board Resolution

4.       Certificate of incorporation of your company

5.       Telecom license agreement depending upon the type of DOT license you possess

6.       AOA and MOA

7.       Any of the following “conditional” documents:

a.       Copy of agreement with the shareholder

b.      Joint venture agreement

c.       Agreement for transfer of technology

d.      Trademark assignment document

e.      Brand assignment document

Procedure for FIFB approval for Telecom

The Foreign Investment Facilitation Portal Approval process for telecom is as follows:

  • 1       Go the FIDP web portal
  • 2       Enter your credentials. Make sure that they are free of errors and are valid.
  • 3       Get the Login credentials
  • 4       Login to the FIFP portal
  • 5       Select the industry you, as an applicant, belong to. In this case, it would be telecom.
  • 6       Enter the relevant details
  • 7       Submit the application

8.    Within 10 days of filing the online application, submit the physical copy of it along with the supporting documents to the Department of Telecommunication,

The DOT shall access your application and your documents as per the FIFP regulations. If there are any discrepancies, you shall be informed. If they aren’t, you’ll be given the FIFP registration certificate. 

Get assistance from FIFP consultant

The ordeal of filing the online application doesn’t end with submitting the documents offline. There are several other steps that only reveal themselves after you’ve started the process. That’s why, it’s always better to have an FIFP consultant to assist. Registrationwala, as a team, provides you complete assistance as India’s premiere consultant for foreign investment for telecom. In addition to taking care of the additional steps, our experts provide you the following assistance:

1.       Application filing

2.       Documentation

3.       Proper initial assessment

4.       Department follow up

Thus, if you want to get FIFP approval without stressing about it, you should contact Registrationwala. Our chat lines are always open. All you need to do is type your query and we will get back to you in an instant. 

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