Get network license to operate networked wireless products

Network license is provided by the Department of Telecommunication for the purpose of operating certain wireless products.

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Network License Process

Step 1
Get the equipment tested
Step 2
Prepare documentation
Step 3
File the application
Step 4
Wait for the DOT's analysis
Step 5
Obtain the Network License

What is Network License in India?

Network license is a Wireless Planning Commission issued license provided to those who seek to operator "networked" wireless products. What are networked products?

These are the products for which certain frequencies are allocated to wireless products. Those products are then operated on by the licensee. 

Products covered under network License

Following are the products that you can operate only after obtaining the network License:

  1. Beacon
  3. Captive Radio paging
  4. Wide Area Radio Paging
  5. Captive Radio Trunking
  6. Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service(PMRTS)
  7. Captive VSAT
  8. Commercial VSAT
  9. GSM
  10. Earth station for foreign mission
  11. Experimental
  12. Fixed/Land Mobile-HF/VHF/UHF-new
  13. Fixed/Land Mobile-HF/VHF/UHF-additional category
  14. Terrestrial Broadcast (FM/CRS/MW/SW/HPT/LPT/DTT-new
  15. Terrestrial Broadcast (FM/CRS/MW/SW/HPT/LPT/DTT-additional category
  16. Captive Trunking-new (below 806 MHz)
  17. Captive Trunking-additional category (below 806 MHz)
  18. Others (RADAR, BEACON, AIS, Any other)-Below 806 MHz
  19. HF/VHF for Foreign Mission
  20. MW Broadcast
  21. MW link for Foreign Mission
  22. MW link for Cellular(GSM)
  23. MW link for WLL(CDMA)
  24. MW link for Point to Point Communication
  25. MW link for Point to Multipoint(for ISP,ILD,NLD)
  26. MW link for wide area Radio Paging
  27. Radar
  28. Remote Controller
  29. SCADA
  30. Satellite Broadcast
  31. Satellite Network-Gateway for ISP,ILD,NLD
  32. Satellite Network-Receive only Earth Station
  33. Satellite News Gathering
  34. Shot Range UHF Hand Held Radio (USR)
  35. Spread Spectrum
  36. TV Receive Only Dish Antenna(TVRO) for Foreign Mission

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Eligibility Criteria for the Network License in India

Only those entities who have registered as a company are eligible for Network license. Simply put, the Network License isn't issued on an individual basis. 

Documents required for the Network License in India

The documents required for the network License are as follows:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. ID proof of the applicant
  3. RF test report of the equipment
  4. Qualification of the applicant
  5. Specification of the product

The process to obtain the Network license in India

Following is the process to obtain Network License:

  • File the network license application via an Online portal
  • Check out the checklist provided
  • Fill the application form and upload it using your DSC
  • Wait for the analysis of the said application
  • Obtain the Network License. 

Our Assistance to get the Network License in India

To get you the Network License, we assist you in the following ways:

1. We will file your Network license application.

2. We prepare the documentation for it.

3. We provide end to end network License assistance.

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