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Get VNO License and provide better internet to your neighbourhood

At just INR 84999/-, Registrationwala offers UL VNO License

The Unified License Agreement for VNO has to be signed in order to get the VNO License. As a Virtual network Operator, you can provide a lot more services to smaller regions without extra cost. Get the UL VNO License in India at low cost with the aid of our VNO License consultants.

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UL VNO License

UL VNO License in India

What is VNO License?

VNO stands for Virtual Network Operator. Unlike an ISP, they work in a virtual environment to buy bandwidth and resell them to the internet subscribers. The VNO License India is issued by TRAI or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on the fulfilment of the VNO Licensing process.

Why does India need more VNOs?

Internet’s demand has been the most these days. To cater these demands, there are several ISPs emerging. To provide such a service, normally you would require an ISP License. However, with more localized demands rising, there is another subset of ISP License that has garnered interest. It is called VNO License. VNO stands for Virtual Network Operator for ISPs that want to provide Internet services within a district or state, it is most cost-effective choice.

Which to choose between VNO License v/s ISP License

If you dive deep into the Unified License DOT guidelines, you’d notice that an ISP and a VNO are similar in many regards:

  1. Both of them are issued to those who want to provide internet services to the subscribers.
  2. Both of them are have to buy and sell the internet bandwidth to the subscribers.
  3. There is no method to apply for VNO License online much like the ISP License.
  4. A VNO License agreement has to be signed on by the licensee and the DOT in order for the licensee to begin doing business.
  5. Unified License Meaning  is that there is only a single license, with different classes or categories based on the region you want to provide internet connection. For example, a Class B VNO License is analogues to the category B ISP License – providing internet to a specific state.

However, as you dig even deeper into what our VNO ISP License consultants have to say, you’ll note that there are many notable differences between the two:

  1. A VNO license in India, as per the unified license guidelines, is only issued for the period of 10 years. Whereas it’s 20 years of validity those holding the ISP License enjoy.
  2. Those holding the VNO Access License, the VNO License holders in India, only have to work within a virtual environment to provide internet access, making the hardware requirements low. However, for an ISP, the hardware requirements are high.

So why does VNO Unified License exist?

ISP Licenses are long lasting, and they are armed with better provisions so that if and when you want, you can provide internet services to a wide region. But what if you are merely want to provide internet services within your district? What should you opt for then? While ISP License’s three categories provide a lot of flexibility to choose the area of license, it can be an expensive affair. To tackle the point of price and make the license more cost effective, Unified License VNO exists.

  1. Its duration is of 10 years. Over this period, any policy change in the UL VNO guidelines can impact the current validity.
  2. Bank guarantee is less. You can check the UL VNO bank Guarantee format to confirm the same.
  3. The UL VNO Entry fees is low. Unlike the UL VNO ISP fees, where you’d have to pay enormous amount, choosing a VNO will give you the added benefit of affordability.
  4. Hardware requirements are less because most of what you’re doing as one of the VNO ISP License holders in India is done in a virtual environment.

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, to provide internet within a local region, we recommend choosing UL VNO License

Categories of VNO License

Just like ISP, VNO License exist in the following three categories:

  1. UL VNO Category A: Pan India category. If you get this class of VNO License, you can provide internet access across the country.
  2. UL VNO Category B: Valid in 20 major states. Among all the categories, it’s the VNO Access B License that is sought after the most. The VNO License B class fee is lower than that of class A. Furthermore, it provides the most venues of expansion of your business.
  3. UL VNO Category C: Valid in a secondary switching area. This particular VNO ISP License is suitable for small regions like a town, a district or a colony.

How to apply for VNO License?

Unfortunately, there is no way to apply for VNO License online. Apply offline if you want to know how to apply VNO License. Anyway, following are the steps prescribed as per VNO License guidelines:

  1. Fill the VNO License application form: The offline VNO License application can be downloaded from the official website. Fill it. Attach with the VNO License fee and wait for the response.
  2. Attach the required documents: The documents for the VNO License are the same as the one for ISP License.
  3. Let the application be processed. The one that provides the Unified license, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will then assess your application and provide you all the details.
  4. Receive the letter of intent: Upon acceptance of your application, you’ll receive the letter of intent. The VNO ISP License guidelines state that you have to follow further instructions given in it.
  5. Submit the bank guarantees: Further unified license fee comes in the form of bank guarantee. Submit and deliver the guarantee agreement to the DOT.
  6. Get the Unified License VNO: Once you’ve paid the remaining unified license bill, you’ll receive the VNO ISP License. 

Choose Registrationwala for VNO ISP License services

Are you not willing to pay the enormous professional VNO License cost? Don’t worry. As the premier services providers for VNO ISP License, India, Registrationwala only asks for a nominal amount.

At a low VNO ISP fees, you can get your VNO ISP license in India on time, and without any issues. All you have to do is just reach out to us and leave us  the matter of getting you the VNO ISP License. Online apply at our website to check our offers.

It takes courage to move ahead with a business as complex as VNO. If you want to count yourself among the holders in VNO License list, reach out to our experts.

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