Obtain Dealer certification from Legal Metrology Department

With dealer license from legal metrology department, you can do a business of selling, supplying or distributing weights and measure instruments. Reach out to Registrationwala to start the dealer License process today.

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Dealer Certification Process

Step 1
Application Filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
Grant of Dealer Certification

What is Dealer Certification in India?

What is Dealer Certification?

Dealer license for weights and measures is the is a required authorization given by Legal Metrology Department to those who deal either directly or otherwise in the business of selling, supplying or distributing Weights and measuring instrument for cash. commission or remuneration.

As per the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the dealer is defined is someone that either deals directly or does business in weights and measuring equipment.

In order to become such a dealer, one has to obtain the authorized Dealer certificate from the Legal Metrology Department. This license is mandatory for :

1.    Licenses for a manufacturer willing to act as a dealer for a commodity

2.    License for a importer willing to act as a dealer for a commodity. 

In terms of non-legal jargon, both manufacturers and importers of weights and measuring products who also want to conduct business with them have to acquire the dealer license.

Eligibility Criteria for Dealer Certificate in India

Following are some of the points you need to understand about the dealer license.

1.    The fee and the approval timeline for the dealer license varies from state to state

2.    The license is valid one to five years.

3.    If a dealer wants to do business of weights and measuring product in more than one state, he has to obtain dealer licenses for each of those state.

Documents Required for Dealer Certificate in India

To obtain the Dealer Certification, you must provide the following documents.

·         Certificate of incorporation

·         Other business licenses pertaining to your business

·         A duly filled application form

·         DD of the application fee

·         Details that you’re required to input on the display pane of the package.

Process of obtaining the Dealer Certificate in India

The process of filing the application is as follows:

·         Get the application for Dealer Certification from the LMPC

·         Fill the application form

·         Attach the required documents

·         Submit the application to the LMPC along with the fee

·         Get the license.

Our Assistance to get the Dealer Certification in India

Registrationwala provides the following services in regards to dealer license:

1.    We file the application of dealer license on the client’s behalf.

2.    We deal with the intricacies of the licensing process.

3.    We reach out to the government bodies to expedite the licensing process.

Contact us today so that that we can initiate the process of dealer certification.

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