Importance of Dealer Certification in India for Weights and Measures: An Overview

  • March 24, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Before we understand the importance of Dealer Certification in India, let us first get a brief on the weights and measuring instruments and the concerned authority responsible for their production, dealership, as well as maintenance. Weights and Measures have long been calibrated instruments for general markets in India. But do you know that before their usage in the general market, they must pass a testing procedure as directed by the Department of Legal Metrology? The Legal Metrology Department, or the LMD, is the central licensing Authority empowered with issuing permits and registration certificates for manufacturing, dealing model approval, and packaging of measuring instruments in India.


Department for Legal Metrology Works

The LMD is a federal authority governed as per the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, as well as the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules of 2011. But that is not the sole purpose of the Legal Metrology Act. The Act and its related rules protect consumers from unfair trade practices. It is done by ensuring that the employed weights and measures are accurate and reliable in general market trading.


About Dealer Certification in India

Now let us talk about the topic in detail. Dealer Certification is an important permit in relation to weights and measures in India. You can see it as a process of certifying dealers selling or distributing several weighing and measuring instruments. Some of these measurement instruments are as follows:

  • Weighing Scales
  • Weighing Bridges
  • Measuring Devices

Each such Instrument must meet the stipulated standards set by the Government.


Why is a Dealer Certification necessary in Legal Metrology?

The Dealer Certification process starts by verifying the weighing and measuring instruments prepared for the dealership. Also, the chosen procedure must meet the prescribed standards as well as incorporate technology as well as legal expertise in handling the legal blocks of the procedure. Also, such instruments constantly need maintenance. You get dealer certification, and Government-approved agencies conduct tests and verify the accuracy of the instruments from any of the following:

  • Recognized Testing Laboratories
  • Authorized Verifiers

We have sub-divisioned some of the benefits of Dealer Certification in India for weights and measures in the below-mentioned.  

1. Dealership License validates the Instrument's accuracy

Every authorized Dealer certificate holder must sell weighing and measuring instruments meeting the prescribed standards to ensure the accuracy as well as reliability of measuring instruments for consumers. Such a move is important for fair trade practices.

2. Dealership Certification reduces the risk of Fraud

The Government can prevent the sale of fraudulent weighing and measuring instruments by a Dealership license holder intended to cheat consumers.

3. Dealership License ensures product quality for consumers

Every Dealership license applicant, prior to applying for the certification, must ensure high-quality weighing and measuring instruments. Such quality standards are essential for accurate and reliable measuring instruments, thereby improving the quality of products or services or both in the general market.

4. A valid Dealership License can be tried for Consumer Rights

The Dealership licensee ensures the consumers that the weighing and measuring instruments used in the trade are accurate and reliable. Such permits aid in the protection of consumer rights.


We would recommend every dealer certification aspirant to get one as it is an important aspect of weights and measures in the country. The importance of the license has been highlighted throughout the article in the context of trade, fair trade practices, and protecting consumers' rights. For more on the Dealer license, contact the Metrology Experts at Registrationwala.


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