Set up a Media Gateway in India

A Media gateway is a device that converts media streams between telecom networks that are different from each other. To setup such a device, you need the approval of DOT. Consult with Registrationwala and start the procedure of media gateway approval.

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Media Gateway Approval Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Grant of Media Gateway Approval

What is Media Gateway Approval?

Media gateway approval is a authorization to setup a media gateway – a translation device used to convert media streams between different telecom networks.

A media gateway is a translation device. It converts multimedia data streams so that they can be transmitted through dissimilar telecommunication networks. The concept of such a gateway originated as a TDM based voices network that uses IP for voice transmission. Now, it has evolved into a device that convert voice and other multimedia data streams across wide variety of service provider applications and enterprise applications.

Following is how media gateway assist enterprise application:

1.       SIP Trunking services to legal PBX equipments

2.       Connection of legacy infrastructure to new IP-based cores.

3.       Protection and extension of previous TDM

4.       Preservation of existing line equipment

5.       Preventing expensive rip and replace upgrades.

Following is how media gateways assist service provider applications:

1.       Facilitating interconnection and joint operation for CDMA, GSM UMTS and satellite networks in 2g, 3G, 4G, and in future 5G architectures.

2.       Enabling IP media processing for IP MSA networks

3.       Providing facility to interconnect and jointly operate the Class 4/ IP tandem/ IP trunking and Class 5/subscriber.

4.       Conducting IP to IP media conversions for interconnected networks


However, setting up a media gateway is not a simple technical task, there are legal aspects to it as well. Department of Telecommunication has to give its stamp of approval before you can setup a media gateway as a service provider. That approval is known as the media gateway approval. 

Who can obtain Media gateway approval?

Following are the applicants with permission to apply for Media gateway approval:

1.       ISP License holders

2.       VNO License holders

3.       Broadcasters

4.       Other Service Providers

Documents required to obtain media gateway approval

The documents required for media gateway approval are as follows:

1.       Cover letter

2.       Certificate of incorporation

3.       Copy of telecom license agreements

4.       Details of the media gateway device

5.       Duly filled application form

6.       Audited balance sheet

What is the process to obtain Media Gateway Approval?

The procedure to obtain media gateway approval is as follows:

1.       Gather the documents

2.       File the application

3.       Wait for the application to be assessed

4.       Obtain the Media gateway approval

How can we help?

Registrationwala will take the task of filing the application from your hands. You won’t need to worry about dealing with the department on your own, for we would be there for your support. Additionally, we will:

1.       Draft your documents;

2.       Conduct a department follow up;

3.       And, take care of any issues that come up during the registration process.

In the end, we will play the primary role of being your media approval benefactor. It’s through us that you’d get media gateway approval in a hassle-free, and a low cost fashion. 

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