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Sell Insurance Policies Online

Become an Insurance Web Aggregator

Insurance web aggregator license allows you to start a portal at which users can compare, get information about and buy insurance policies.

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Insurance Web Aggregator

What is Web Aggregator License?

Insurance Web Aggregator is the solution to buying the right insurance policies. It aggregates insurance policies at one place in which where prospects can by insurance policies as per their needs.

In this uncertain world, security is hard to come by. It has driven people to buy insurance policies to give their families a secure future. But, with so many policies available online, people have a hard time picking the right one. More often than not, that hard time pushes them into  buying the wrong policies which can severely impact their lives.

You can give them an online solution by becoming an Insurance Web Aggregator.

Web aggregator’s meaning is to aggregate articles on the web on one portal. An  Insurance web aggregator is an insurance company or an insurance intermediary. Its job is to aggregate, accumulate and present information about insurance products of different insurance companies. The insurance web aggregator business isn’t just to present multiple insurance products in one place, it allows people to come and:

That said, not just anyone can start a web portal like that, you need to Insurance web Aggregator License. It’s governed under the Insurance and Development Act 1999, and is given to insurance companies or intermediaries to aggregate and showcase insurance products to online customers.

However, just like anything worth having, there are many legal conditions involved with getting the web aggregation license. That’s why, Registrationwala takes up the task to guide you towards the insurance in the most hassle-free, affordable and reliable fashion.


Following is the Eligibility Criteria for you to become an Insurance Web Aggregator:


The process to acquire Insurance Web Aggregator License is as follows:

Documents required

The following documents are required to be submitted to the IRDAI:

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