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If you want to engage in a Seafood Export Business in India, then you must apply for the requisite MPEDA license registration with Registrationwala.Our Experts are well-versed with the legal procedures as well as the technicalities involved in getting the desired Seafood Export License in India.

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Online MPEDA Registration in India

Marine Products Export Development Authority

The Marine Products Export Development Authority, or the MPEDA, was set up by the MPEDA Act of 1972. Previously, the Government of India established the Marine Products Export Promotion Council in 1961 to cater to the marine export services in India, which later converged into MPEDA in 1972. Now, the Authority issues various online MPEDA registration licenses to entities seeking to engage in the marine export business.

List of marine products

The MPEDA is empowered by the MPEDA Act to promote the marine products export industry from the country. The organization is envisaged to develop and augment the resources required for promoting the exports for all varieties of fishery products, some of them known commercially as the following:

  • Shrimp
  • Prawn
  • Lobster
  • Crab
  • Fish
  • Shell-Fish
  • And other aquatic animals & plants

It can also include products that the Authority has declared, as per the mandate of the notification in the Gazette of India, as marine products. The Act empowers MPEDA to regulate exports of marine products and take measures for ensuring sustained, quality seafood exports from the country. MPEDA is also authorized to inspect the following as well as take all necessary steps for marketing the seafood overseas:

  • Marine Products
  • Raw Material
  • Fixing Standards
  • Specifications
  • Training

Let us learn a little bit about the dedicated functions of MPEDA now.

 Services by MPEDA

The Marine Products Export Development Authority Act has authorized MPEDA to undertake the following tasks as Seafood Export regulations in augmenting the marine export industry of India: 

  • Infrastructural Facilities Registration for Seafood Export Trade
  • Information Collection as well as dissemination of Marine Trade
  • Marine Products Promotion in the overseas Markets
  • Schemes Implementation by extending Assistance in infrastructural development for:
    • Better Preservation
    • Modernized Processing
    • Quality Regime
  • Aquaculture Promotion for augmenting Export Production through the following:
    • Hatchery Development
    • New Farm Development
    • Species Diversification
    • Technology Upgradation
  • Facilitation of the Deep-Sea Fishing projects through the following:
    • Test Fishing
    • Joint Ventures
    • Equipment Upgradation
    • Equipment Installation for furthering fishing efficiency
  • Market promotional activities, as well as Trade publicity
  • Conduct Inspections for the following:
    • Marine Products
    • Raw Material
    • Fixing Specifications
    • Training
    • Maintenance of the seafood quality in overseas markets
  • Conduct Training programs for the following:
    • Fishermen
    • Fish Processing Workers
    • Aquaculture Farmers
    • Other Fishing Stakeholders in the fisheries fields
  • Promoting Fishing Harbours modernization
  • Conduct R&D for the aquatic species having export potential via Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
  • Conduct Extension and Awareness Activities through the following:
    • Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing
    • National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Issuing prescriptions for protection and augmentation of the Seafood Exports from the country in the near future

This article is specifically dedicated to the notion of Seafood Export License registration under MPEDA. Let us look into the MPEDA Exporter registration procedure now.

Types of Seafood Exporters in India

Registration of Marine Products Exporters as well as Fishing Vessels & Processing Entities in India, is all governed under the statutory functions of MPEDA as per Section 9(2) regulations of the MPEDA Act.

There are four types of seafod exporters. manufacturer exporter , merchant exporter , ornamental fish exporter , and route through merchant exporter.

Talking about the Exporter Registration, let us first understand how the Seafood Exporters are categorized in India and why a special license is sought under MPEDA for each entity. The Fish Export Licenses are categorized into the following:

 Manufacturer Exporter 

Such an Exporter is an approved processing plant owner or a fishing vessel. Any of such facilities have onboard processing facilities, such as the following:

  • Live Fish Handling facility
  • Chilled Fish Handling facility
  • Dried Fish Handling facility

Merchant Exporter 

Merchant Exporters does not own a processing plant. However, they utilize the surplus capacity of the following:

  • Approved Processing Facility
  • Approved Handling Facility

Route through Merchant Exporter 

It is an Export/Trading/Star Trading/Super Star Trading House. Any of such entities possess a certificate of approval by the DGFT.

Ornamental Fish Exporter 

An Ornamental Fish Exporter exports only ornamental fish. They do not engage in the Export of live marine products for human consumption.

Scheduled Marine Products permitted for Export

The Exporters are permitted to export marine products classified into 8 categories as per the MPEDA regulations given below:-

  • Frozen & Canned Marine Products
  • Freeze or Dried Marine Products
  • Live non- Ornamental Marine Products
  • Dried or Chilled Marine Products
  • Ornamental Fish
  • Others Edible or Non-Edible fish products

Eligibility Requirement for E-MPEDA registration in India

The Sea Export Business License aspirant must first check on his or her eligibility to apply for the MPEDA license registration. However, there is not much to the pre-conditions for MPEDA registration, but some points must be kept in mind. Therefore, we have detailed some of the pre-conditions in the following points for your review:


Pre-conditions for mpeda registration in India

Nature of the applicant Organization

Whether it is a Corporate Body, or a Partnership or Proprietary Firm, the registration procedure for the e-MPEDA registration is corporate-sensitive.

Mandatory Filings

Every seafood export license applicant must maintain and submit the following documents at the time of MPEDA registration:

  • Maintenance of the requisite Capital for license procurement
  • Expected Turnover in the next 3 years after Business Commencement
  • Copy of the Audited Balance Sheet of the applicant's Business for the last two years
  • Details of the Foreign Holding, if any

Connection with Other Processing Units

The fish export business applicant must indicate links with other seafood processing units, such as its Directors, Partners, or Proprietor.

Type of Seafood Business License sought

The Fish Export business applicant must have clarity on the type of seafood fish export license sought, such as:

  • Manufacturer Exporter
  • Merchant Exporter
  • Route-through Merchant Exporter
  • Ornamental Fish Exporter

Details of the Participant Exporters

The e-MPEDA online registration applicant must detail the relevant information of the Business Permits and Licenses required for operating the Seafood Export Business:

  • Names & Registration Numbers of Exporters
  • Registration Number of Manufacturer Exporter's processing plant
  • EIA Code number of the Processing Plant
  • SSI Registration number of the Processing Plant
  • List of Processed Items

Additional Registration Application

The e-MPEDA online registration applicant can also apply for any of the following entities to aid in expanding their businesses abroad, but with proper registration techniques:

  • Sales Agent
  • Overseas Representative
  • Overseas Office

Overseas Importer Representation

In case the Seafood Export License registration applicant represents any overseas importer, then he must also detail the following about the Importer:

  • Names of Importers
  • Addresses of Importers
  • Length of Representation Time

In case of previous Application Cancellation/Rejection

Suppose the e-MPEDA online registration applicant for the Fish Export Business license in India has applied for the license on an earlier occasion, and the registration stood cancelled or has been debarred from Export by CCI & E. In that case, he must furnish the requisite details to the Authority.

Required Documentation for online MPEDA Registration in India

The e-MPEDA online registration applicant can apply for the sea exporter license only after registering for the IEC or Import-Export Code. Thereafter, before proceeding with the MPEDA application, the applicant must prepare the following documents to be submitted with the e-MPEDA online registration application with the prescribed fees:

Required documents for mpeda registration in india

Personal Details

  • Passport size photograph of the MPEDA Applicant
  • Proof of Residence of the applicant, such as:
    •    PAN Card
    •    Voters ID Card
    •    Passport

Documentation valid for Merchant Exporter Registration

  • Agreement Copy for Surplus Capacity Utilization of Processing Plant and Handling Facility
  • Joint Undertaking (in Original) of the Processing Plant and Handling Facility owner
  • Registration Certificate (in Original) of Processing Plant/ Handling Facility
  • Registration Certificate (in Original) of Storage premises


The latter two are valid for endorsement purposes only.

Payment Receipt & Financial Documents

  • Online Payment Fee receipt for online MPEDA Registration or Endorsement
  • Scheduled Bank Certification showcasing the applicant Company's financial soundness
  • Bank Guarantee prescribed for Merchant Exporter as per MPEDA registration guidelines

DGFT Documents

  • Certificate Copy of Importer Exporter Code issued by the DGFT
  • Approval letter for Route- through Merchant Exporter issued by the DGFT
  • Purchase Order Copy by the DGFT


To get more clarity on the necessary attachments for the Fish Export Business license in India, connect with our MPEDA Experts.

Process for online MPEDA Registration in India

How to export fish in India? To embark on such businesses, the applicant must adhere to the following procedure to get registered as a licensed Fish Exporter with the Authority:

Process for online mpeda registration in India

Seafood Export License Registration Procedure :

  1. Apply for the IEC code at the DGFT website. Only after gaining the IEC code can the Exporter apply for the Marine Export Development Authority registration License.
  2. After gaining the IEC code, the applicant must file an application for the marine Exporter of his choice.
  3. The applicant must carefully draft the e-application for Exporter Registration and attach the requisite documents for successful registration.
  4. Upload the documents on the website and submit the application on the official MPEDA portal. Then, pay the requisite MPEDA registration fee. 
  5. Thereafter, the concerned regional office will scrutinize the documents as well as the application received.
  6. During the assessment period, the Examiner must intimate the discrepancies, if any. Otherwise, the application will stand cancelled.
  7. The Examiner will recommend the online application to the Headquarters if the submitted application is found in order.
  8. Thereafter, the registration section, after scrutiny, will recommend the Exporter application to Secretary for approval.
  9. The concerned regional office will issue and print the requisite certificate if the Secretary approves the application.

Note: The registration of Manufacturer Exporter requires the certification for processing plant, storage premises, and PPCs to be issued first. Luckily, the registration of such entities is granted online. Each of the field offices is empowered to register the following exporters coming under their jurisdiction:

  • Manufacturer Exporter
  • Route Through Merchant Exporter
  • Ornamental Fish Exporter

But the registration for Merchant Exporter requires online approval from the Secretary of MPEDA. The applicant can follow the same procedure for the registration of other entities. To know further details on How to start a Fish Export Business in India, connect with the MPEDA experts at Registrationwala.

Our Assistance in filing the online MPEDA Registration in India

Registrationwala offers the best-of-kind Assistance for Fish Export License registration in India. We base of services on the following steps:

Our MPEDA Registration process

  • Required Documents drafting
  • Application filing on your behalf
  • Aid during the application assessment
  • Obtaining the MPEDA registration certificate from Authority

We recommend you get in touch with us if you want the MPEDA registration in minimum time and minimum MPEDA registration fees.

Along with the requisite registration process, our Experts can also help you comprehend the information about the MPEDA membership fees and renewal procedure for Fish Export License in India.


Q. Whose approval Merchantile Exporter requires for successful MPEDA registration?

A. The registration for Merchant Exporter requires the approval of the Secretary of MPEDA.

Q. What is a must prerequisite for applying for MPEDA registration in India?

A. Every eligible Exporter must first apply for and gain the IEC code from the DGCT to further apply for the online MPEDA registration in India.

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