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TEC Certificate Registration in India

TEC certification is a mandatory certification that every telecom equipment dealer has to get to be able to import, manufacture and sell telecom equipment. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues the Certification once the equipment goes through the Indian TEC MTCTE or Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment scheme.

After completing the process of TEC Registration you will get the TEC certificate online registration number.TEC certification number is your unique ID for your telecom equipment. Once you get it, you can put it on your product to show your customers that your product is a valid one.


MTCTE Testing and Certification:

MTCTE stands for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments It's the mandatory testing that your telecom product must undergo to grant your TEC Certificate.

Can you imagine India without telecommunication equipment? None of that would have happened from the startup India initiative to the idea of Connect India. Consumers need more telecom resources with over 40 Crore internet users than ever. To Register for TEC certificate number, you must meet the eligibility criteria.

icons of telecom equipment

Any product that's imported into India has the match the regulatory standards. In the case of telecom equipment, you need to adhere to specific TEC standards. You get the TEC approval certificate for importing products after you adhere to it.

Eligibility Criteria for TEC certification in India

All the telecom equipment have to go for a mandatory testing and obtain the TEC online certificate before selling telecom equipment across India. By Indian Recognised Laboratory, the testing of the product must be according to the Essential Requirements.

These are the requirements that should be fulfilled to get eligible for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment, also known as MTCTE are as follows:

  • Must have an authorized signatory provided by Authorized Indian Company
  • For Foreign OEM, appoint an India authorized company, which acts as a representative for the process.
  • MoU between Foreign OEM and Indian Representative Company.
  • Indian producers must provide legal documentation as a proof of registration.
  • Valid test reports which are approved by the Indian recognised lab  for the approval of TEC.
  • The branding, trademark and registration details of the company.

Products Under TEC Approval

Following is the MTCTE list of equipment covered under TEC:


The Private automatic branch exchange is a common telecom tool associated with telephony in industries. You need to obtain the TEC registration in India on PABX.

Two-wired Telephone Equipment

The two-wire telephone equipment is the cornerstone of industrial communications. You need the TEC certification on Two wired telephone equipment to import it.

Group 3 Fax Machine

In 1980, fax machines adopted the group 3 standards. While fax machines are rarely used today, you still need the TEC certification for Group 3 fax machines to import them into any Indian state.

Data Modem

Data modem, the primary tool that establishes you to the internet, obviously requires approval per the guidelines for using the product's TEC logo. Thus, you need TEC certification on the data modem as well.

Cordless Telephone

While our Cell phones have replaced landlines, one cannot deny the allure of cordless phones. If you still need to do import business for this product, you need TEC certification on cordless telephones.

Pon-family of Broadband Equipment

PON or passive optical network is the technology implemented in many broadband equipment. You need TEC certification on the PON family of broadband equipment to import them.

Feedback Devices

Devices like Encoders, resolvers, Hall sensors, and others that require a closed-loop system to monitor the validity of operations are called Feedback devices. Without TEC certification on Feedback devices, you can't conduct import or sale business on them.

ISDN Customer Premises Equipment

The ISDN terminal equipment or ISDN customer premises equipment is a device that allows users to tap into the ISDN services facilitated by network providers. As a core component for many telecommunication functions, one needs to get TEC certification on ISDN Customer Premises Equipment to import or sell them in any region within the country.

Transmission Terminal Equipment

All the transmission terminal equipment falls under the jurisdiction of TEC. Thus, you need the TEC certification on transmission terminal equipment. 


What are the items that are not covered under MTCTE?

items that are not covered under MTCTE for TEC Registration certificate

While the above 9 equipment falls under mandatory MTCTE testing, the following are the items not covered under MTCTE:

  • Spares/ Components/ Modules/ CKD/ SKD
  • Test instruments
  • Research and development related equipment
  • Personal use equipment that is available only in limited quantity.
  • Passive telecom equipment
  • Integrated systems and networks that consist of more than one telecom equipment.
  • UPS/ Power Supply/ Batteries/ Solar equipments. 

Following are the items that, for now, aren't included under the jurisdiction of the Telecommunication Engineering Centre:

  • IoT sensors
  • Inter-Sectoral Devices
  • Set-top box
  • Multi-functional devices with Wi-Fi and internet ports
  • Mandatory government schemes other than TEC specifically cover equipment with telecommunication modules.

Items that not included under the tec certificate registration

To tap into the uses of the TEC certificate India, you must follow a standard procedure that involves submitting standard documents.

Documents Required for TEC certification in India

Document Required for tec certificate registration

Following are the documents required for the TEC certification in India:

  • Letter of authorization authorizing us to act as your representative for TEC certification matters
  • Memorandum of Understanding between your company and us.
  • Address proof of the manufacturing Unit.
  • A document describing the technical details of the telecom equipment.
  • Copy of Trademark registration is you've done so.
  • The authority letter of the brand owner is the owner of the manufacturing unit is not the owner.
  • Bill of material in the .xls format.
  • Original Test reports for the GCS products and test results and reports for the SCS products.
  • Receipt of the TEC certificate price.

Online TEC Certificate Registration Process

tec certificate registration Procedure


The process of obtaining TEC certification in India includes the following steps:

Step 1 : Compile the required documents

First, you have to compile them and send them to our experts. Don't need to worry. We will tell you exactly what's required to get TEC certified.

Step 2 : We initiate the testing process

We will now request you to send us a sample of the product you want the TEC certification for. We will then test that sample in our associate labs.

Step 3 : Registering at the TEC portal

To get a TEC approval India, apply online. However, you'd need to register yourself for TEC Certificate at the portal first. We will use your credentials to register at the TEC portal. Although the process is subject to approval by the regulatory body, we assure you that we've covered everything beforehand.

Step 4 : After approval do login and Apply TEC Certificate online

Once your company is approved for registration, you get the TEC certificate login. We will file the application for TEC approval. Don't forget to pay the TEC certificate fees as well.

Step 5 : The regulatory body will then assess the TEC registration form

Once we submit your tec registration form, the regulatory body's officials will assess it. During that time, Registrationwala will keep you updated on the TEC certification status.

Step 6 : Getting you the TEC certification

With our experts, it's not the question of if your application will be approved. It's merely the question of "when." Thus, we will send you the TEC approval when your application is approved. At this point, all you need to do is TEC certificate download.

Once you obtain TEC certification registration, you become ready to import telecom products in India. That being said, be mindful of whether or not your product requires a TEC license.

Our assistance in filing the TEC certification Application

In India, the TEC certification process is long and arduous, but only if you try to complete the process on your own. At Registrationwala, we try to make things easier for you. How? It's simple, instead of letting you do all the heavy lifting, we complete the TEC certificate procedure ourselves.  

From conducting the mandatory testing to getting the Certification, our TEC approval consultants will be by your side till the end. And all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us about your TEC certification needs. Your TEC registration experts near you are always willing to help.

The Registrationwala provides you with the TEC registration services by extending end-to-end assistance for certification needs with the help of our TEC certification agents:

  • We act as your Authorized Indian Representative
  • We file your application for TEC certification
  • We help you find a lab that can assist you with the test report
  • We submit the application and do a follow-up with the Telecommunication Engineering Centre

Simply put, we guide your hand through every step of TEC certification in India. Reach out to us if your business is to import telecom products.

Frequenly Asked Questions 

Q.1 What is the full form of the TEC certificate?

A. The TEC certificate's full form is Telecommunication Engineering Center certification.

Q.2 What is EMI/EMC testing by TEC?

A. EMC conducts electro-magnetic interference (EMI) testing to see if the telecom equipment doesn't interfere electromagnetically with other equipment. Electro-magnetic compatibility  (EMC) testing to see if the product adheres to EMC compliance.

Q.3 What is the equipment labeling procedure under MTCTE?

A. Once you obtain the TEC certificate, you can add the TEC mark to your product's package in a visible spot.

Q.4 How long is the validity of TEC certification?

A. The TEC certificate validity is for five years.

Q.5 What to do in case the TEC certificate is not received?

A. In case you've not received the TEC certificate, you can contact the department via the TEC certificate helpline number, email, or by posting to the address of regional TECs in your area.

Q.6 What is the schedule of charges under MTCTE?

A. The prescribed fee that TEC charges are divided as per the Administrative Fee and Test report Evaluation fee based on the group of equipment.

Q.7 What are the charges for modification of telecom equipment?

A. For Certification modification, the charges are the same as the administrative fee, which is the same as the renewal fee. The detail of the administrative fee is as follows:

  • For Group A equipment: INR 10,000/-
  • For Group B equipment: INR 20,000/-
  • For group C Equipment: INR 30,000/-
  • For group D Equipment: INR 50,000/-

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