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Get TEC certification as per the MTCTE scheme with the help of our experts. Registrationwala will help you get TEC certified at an affordable price.  

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TEC Certification


Can you imagine India without telecommunication equipment? From startup India initiative to the idea of Connect India, none of that would have happened. Now, with over 40 Crore internet users, consumers need more telecom resources than ever. With the TEC certification, you can provide them the same.

TEC certification is a mandatory certification that every telecom equipment dealer has to get to be able to import, manufacture and sell telecom equipment. The certification is issued by the Telecommunication Engineering once the equipment goes through MTCTE or Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment scheme.

The TEC certification process is a long and arduous, but only if you try to complete the process on your own. At Registrationwala, we try to make things easier for you. How? It’s simple, instead of letting you do all the heavy lifting, we complete the TEC certification process ourselves.  

From conducting the mandatory testing to getting the certification, our experts would be by your side till the end. And all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us about your TEC certification needs. Your TEC certification experts near you are always willing to help.


Following is the process of TEC certification in India:

  1. Compile the required documents: First, you have to compile the required documents and send it to our experts. Don’t need to worry. We will tell exactly what’s required to get TEC certified.
  2. We initiate the testing process: We will now request you to send us a sample of the product you want the TEC certification for. We will then test that sample in our associate labs.
  3. Registering you at the TEC portal: We will use your credentials to register at the TEC portal. Although the process is subject to approval by the regulatory body, we assure you that we’ve got everything covered beforehand.
  4. After approval, it’s application filing: Once your company is approved for registration, we will file the application for TEC approval.
  5. The application will then be assessed by the regulatory body: Once we submit your  application, the regulatory body’s officials will assess it. During that time, Registrationwala would keep you updated on the TEC certification status.
  6. Getting you the TEC certification: With our experts, it’s not the question of if your application would be approved, it’s merely the question of “when”. Thus, when your application is approved, we will send you the TEC approval.


Following are the documents required for the TEC certification in India:

  1. Letter of authorization authorizing us to act as your representative for TEC certification matters
  2. Memorandum of Understanding between us and your company.
  3. Address proof of the manufacturing Unit.
  4. Document describing the technical details of the telecom equipment.
  5. Copy of Trademark registration is you’ve done so.
  6. Authority letter of the brand owner is the owner of the manufacturing unit is not the owner.
  7. Bill of material in the .xls format.
  8. Original Test reports for the GCS products and test results and test reports for the SCS products.

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