How To Get Telecom Equipment Dealer License in India?- Process , Documentation and Eligibility

  • June 08, 2023
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The telecom business is rising at a high pace in India, it has reached the second position in the world. The current contribution of the telecom industry to GDP is 6.5% estimated.However, with the shift to 5G, the demand for telecom equipment will increase in the future. It is expected that India’s digital economy will reach USD 1 trillion by 2025 driven by an increase in the use of phones, internet penetration, growth of mobile broadband and data usage, and penetration of social media. 


Overall the questions arises here, how to obtain a Telecom Equipment Dealer License? And, what is the legal process to be followed to get the TEC approval?


Here in this blog, you get all the legal processes of a TEC Certificate. In other words, you’ll know how to get MTCTE certification in India.


What is a Telecom Equipment Dealer License?

Telecom Equipment Dealer needs a license to import, manufacture and sell telecom equipment. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues the license once the equipment goes through the Indian TEC MTCTE or Mandatory Testing. 


Therefore, the testing and certification authority ensures that the equipment meets all the TEC-prescribed requirements. So, the quality and reliability of products can’t be guaranteed by the certification. As the dealers will be responsible for the reliability criteria claimed by them.


Eligibility Criteria for Telecom Equipment Dealer License

All the products which are developed as telecom equipment are mandatory to go through MTCTE approval and testing or obtain the license before starting sale, import, or any type of usage across India as per the rules of Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017. 


But, the testing of the product will be conducted in accordance with the Essential Requirements (ER) by an Indian Recognised Laboratory, assigned by TEC. Similarly, the TEC certificate issue is as per the satisfactory result of the test reports.


So, the requirements that need to be fulfilled to get Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment are as follows:

  • Authorized Signatory provided by Authorised Indian Company.
  • Foreign OEMs, appoint an Indian Authorised Company which can act as a representative of the MTCTE certification process.
  • MoU between Foreign OEM and Indian Representative Company
  • For Indian Produces, provide all legal documents as proof of registration.
  • Indian Recognised Lab conducted the Approved and Valid Test Report as per TEC.
  • The Branding, Trademark, and Registration details of the product


Documents Required to Get the Telecom Equipment Dealer License

Here are all the documents that are required to attach with the application for TEC approval. They are as follows:

  1. All the documents that provide proof of Company Registration.
  2. Authorization Letter issued by the company for MTCTE work requirements.
  3. In the case of a foreign company, an Authorised Indian Representative will issue a letter of authorization.
  4. The Director and Secretary of the Company need to send a signed copy of the Company’s Article Association (AoA) and Company Memorandum of Association (MoA).
  5. The latest report of the Company’s Shareholding.
  6. Memorandum of Understanding between Foreign OEM and the Authorised Indian Representative.
  7. A proof of granting authorization to the Authorised Indian Representative (AIR).


The Procedure to Apply for Telecom Equipment Dealer License in India

To get the TEC certification, follow these conventional steps:

  1. Fill out the application form online or offline. 
  2. The application must be submitted with the relevant documents.
  3. TEC will check all the documents. If any error will found it is communicated to the applicant. 
  4. After rectification of all the errors, the applicant needs to send the products for testing. 
  5. For product testing, the applicant needs details and all the information regarding the product such as product model, MoM, and the datasheet of equipment. 
  6. Along with details submit the detail of the location of Telecom or ICT Equipment, with contact information of certification. 
  7. Then pay the required fees after the submission of the application.
  8. An applicant has a choice to select a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) front the list provided by TEC. 
  9. The Telecom equipment will be tested in a Recognised Conformity Assessment Body of an MRA Partner Country.
  10.  After the test, a report of the test with a summary needs to be submitted. Sign the undertaking stating that the submitted report is accurate and no changes have been made. 
  11.  After submission, TEC will check the report with full scrutiny. 
  12.  If the equipment satisfies the needed compliance, then a TEC will grant a certificate to the applicant.


How Registrationwala can help you?

We at Registrationwala, help you get the Telecom equipment dealer license by assisting you throughout the process. We can help you in:

  • Applying for the TEC license
  • Comply all documents
  • Complete all eligibility criteria needed for application, and
  • End-to-end assistance.

So, connect with us to ask any questions regarding MTCTE Certification or telecom equipment Dealer license. Registrationwala ensures that the registration process will go quickly and seamlessly.

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