Mandatory Declarations to provide with CDSCO Registration application

  • April 14, 2021
  • Dushyant Sharma
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CDSCO Cosmetic Registration is a permit to import foreign cosmetic products in India. Issued by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization, this special type of CDSCO registration requires special care for declaration. Thus, through this article, we will discuss the declarations you need to sign to obtain CDSCO online registration in India.


List of Declarations to be submitted with the CDSCO application

Here are the CDSCO Registration declarations you must provide when obtaining a CDSCO registration certificate.

1: Compliance with the CDSCO Registration Rules

The most obvious declaration to make at the start is that you understand and are ready to comply with the CDSCO registration rules for importing cosmetics in India. By signing this binding declaration, you agree that you’ll always follow the CDSCO product registration rules throughout your business.

2: Notification to the CDSCO regarding updation in Manufacturing Premises

There can be a change in the location of the manufacturing facility. At other times, the product you’re importing can be produced at multiple facilities. In those cases, you must quickly inform the CDSCO of the changes. This declaration makes it your legal obligation to report any changes made to the manufacturing premise of the cosmetics to the CDSCO body.

3: Compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 (Part 3)

Section 13 of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, covers all the offences that you could commit as the holder of CDSCO import registration. By declaring that you comply with the points mentioned in this section, you give the right to the CDSCO to punish you if you commit any of those offences. Signing on this declaration signifies mutual (and official) trust between you and the Central Drug Standard Control Organization.

4: Product’s Compliance with the latest Regulations

The rules of Drugs and Cosmetics in India are always volatile. We live in an era where a new change can be brought to the law and drastically change things. The conditions under which you were issued the CDSCO registration certificate might change later. So, to keep up, you need to sign the declaration that your cosmetic product will follow any change in points made to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.

5: Notification for any updation in the Cosmetics or Manufacturing Facility

Suppose the original manufacturer has made any changes to the labels, packaging, composition, or the weight of the cosmetic product for which you have obtained CDSCO registration. In that case, you must inform the Central Drug Standard Control Organization of those changes. And you need to inform the CDSCO of those changes within 30 days of making them. By signing this declaration, you agree to this rule of informing the CDSCO.

6: Seizure Agreement for any activity CDSCO finds illicit 

The Central Drug Standard Control Organization can ask you to stop the import, marketing and distribution of the cosmetic product if it sees you contravening (violating) any of the rules of CDSCO. At that time, you must immediately cease your operations. You have to sign the declaration that you agree to those terms.

7: Compliance with further CDSCO requirements, if any

During the CDSCO registration process or after obtaining it, you may be asked to provide further documents or fulfil other requirements. Be ready to meet those demands.

8: Agreement for the provision of Cosmetic Samples

To ensure that you don’t diverge from the terms on which you were granted the CDSCO registration certificate, CDSCO has placed provisions to take cosmetics samples from your premises at any time. In that instance, you need to be ready to comply with their request and make room in your facility to give them the cosmetic samples.


Overwhelmed with Declarations?? Connect our Experts for Assistance

As you see, signing your declaration is not about getting the registration to import cosmetics. It’s about maintaining it. Contact our consultants if you want services that even go beyond CDSCO registration.


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