ISNP Compliance as per the IRDAI's Directives

  • April 27, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Every registered ISNP. i.e., the Insurance Self Network Platform must comply with the IRDAI set regulations after its incorporation. Such compliance is issued by the IRDAI, i.e., the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, to monitor the functioning of all the registered ISNPs within the Insurance Market. ISNP Compliance by the IRDAI must be taken seriously. Committing default in filing the regulatory compliance can invite disciplinary actions against the Insurance Self-Network Platform.

This article details ISNP compliance for every ISNP certificate holder, so read carefully.


Performance Recordkeeping of the ISNP Personnel

Every Insurance Self-Network Platform (ISNP) must keep a record of conduct as well as the performance of the persons in management of the applicant's ISNP is satisfactory.

Data Security Mechanisms of the ISNP

Every Insurance Self-Network Platform's records and data must be protected against the following:

  • Unauthorized Access
  • Alteration of the Data
  • Destruction
  • Disclosure
  • Dissemination

The ISNP must secure the network through which crucial information transfer happens among the market participants, for instance, on the applicant's ISNP, against unauthorized entry or access.

Data Transmission and Encryption on an ISNP

The applicant's ISNP must have a standard transmission as well as encryption formats amongst the market participants because it is compulsory to protect the information from disruption, hacking, etc.


Disaster Management Procedure in the ISNP Facility

The ISNP must establish adequate procedures as well as facilities to protect it against nature-related loss or destruction. Also, the arrangements for disaster recovery must be made at a location different from the existing place.


Data Protection of the ISNP Clients

The ISNP must have a mechanism, for instance, to ensure that the interests of the persons buying services under the available insurance policies on the platform, including their privacy on the ISNP, are adequate.


Insurance Solicitation and Post-Sale Services of an ISNP

The ISNP must arrange for the following regarding pre-sales solicitation and post-sales servicing of insurance policies:

  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Timelines


MIS of an ISNP

Above all, the ISNP must have a Management Information System which supports their internet-based insurance business operations. Therefore, such systems are set up to realize a real-time connection with Insurance Core Systems. Also, the system ensures effective isolation between other application systems of the insurers. By this, the ISNP can avoid the external transmission and spread of information security risks for insurers.


Cyber Security facility of an ISNP

The ISNP must have the following cybersecurity facilities:

  • Robust Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Data Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Other Information Security Management Systems


ISNP's registered Domain Name

The ISNP must have a registered domain name for the website and servers hosting it in India. In addition, the ISNP must have a specialized Internet insurance business administration equipped with appropriate professionals.


Information Availability on an ISNP Platform

The ISNP must have means available to ensure that the information displayed on the website, the processes, procedures, and any other mechanism displayed and implemented on the platform are available at all times for verification and scrutiny.


ISNP’s Data Processing Systems 

An ISNP must ensure the integrity of the automatic data processing systems and their proper maintenance at all times. It must also maintain the privacy of data for both insurers and consumers. Every registered ISNP must have internal mechanisms for reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating the following:

  • System Controls
  • Automation Systems
  • Management procedures
  • Safeguards in the event of a crash


Auditing of an ISNP Platform

The Regulatory Authority has every right to undertake an independent inspection of the affairs of an ISNP at any time. But the Authority must notify the ISNP beforehand by issuing an audit notice. The IRDA License Portal must also specify the documents to be furnished by the ISNP useful during the inspection.

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