The Official Document Checklist to Establish a Public Data Office (PDO)

  • February 11, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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The PM WANI is an initiative to convert India into an internet-enabled state. By turning every small store, whether it's a departmental store, grocery center or a street food vendor, into a Wi-Fi Hotspot, the government is attempting to make the internet more ubiquitous than before. To turn your place into a WiFi hotspot, or a PM WANI WiFi Centre, you need to fill out the proper application. However, that won’t be complete if you don’t have the correct documents to submit along with it.

Therefore, through this article, we will unveil to you the documents required for PM WANI PDO registration.

Documents Required for PM WANI Scheme

Thankfully, the official list of the documents you require to establish a Public Data Office is not that comprehensive. There are four documents needed, namely:

  1. Certificate of incorporation of your company
  2. Equity details
  3. Board resolution that legalizes the authorized representative to apply for PM WANI registration
  4. Additional documents that the DOT might require to process your application form.

Here is the explanation of those documents

Certificate of Incorporation

Now, this document might give you the impression that you must be a company to become a Public Data Office. However, that’s not the case. Any business entity bearing a business incorporation certificate – be it a partnership firm or a Limited Liability Partnership or even sole proprietorship – can obtain a PDO certificate. Here are a few things that you must know beforehand, though.

  1. You must first self-certify that document
  2. As the document has to be uploaded, you must prepare a scanned copy.
  3. To upload the document, DSC of the authorized representative is necessary.

Details of the equity

The applicant must provide complete equity details – necessarily a breakdown of the shares of his company/LLP/Firm. It must be a self-certified document that has to be uploaded to the website through a Digital Signature Certificate. Additionally, the equity breakdown should show how much Foreign Direct and Indirect Investment are on its part. And, an FDI approval certificate is necessary if the foreign direct investment into the company is more than 49%.

This information can be in dispute because as per the recent trend and government notifications, 100% FDI is permitted via the automatic route. Stay updated with the latest updates regarding this information.

Board resolution authorizing a legalized representative to fill the application form

If you want to succeed at filling up the application form on time, get the right assessment and ergo, timely, obtain the PM WANI registration certificate, you will need the assistance of telecom consultants. However, as your representatives, these consultants will first require your consent – that you grant them in the form of a Board resolution letter on your company’s letterhead.

Additional documents that the DOT might require from your end

There can be a plethora of circumstances that might compel the Department of Telecommunication to order you to provide additional documents. For instance, if your registered office is different from the one mentioned in your company’s CIN, you will need to provide proof of that document. Furthermore, to assert that the proof is correct, you also have to provide a screenshot of your current address from the MCA website.


The PM WANI scheme is a new initiative by the government of India. Aimed at turning India into an internet state, this scheme can pave the way for your business growth in a plethora of ways. Therefore, take note of these documents carefully if you want to turn your small company into a Public Data Office.

For other details, contact our experts at Registrationwala.

Note: This article should only be thought of as a reference. Please do not consider it as the official source of information. Go to the links provided to get access to the official document.

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