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Stay DOT Compliant through Annual return filing

At just INR 19,999/-, Registrationwala can assist you in filing the annual return of your Call centre/BPO

DOT Compliance consists of biannual (twice a year) auditing where certain facts about the OSP are properly checked and rechecked. It has to be filed in an Annual return that has to be filed before the date passes. Registrationwala provides quick and easy annual return filing services for your call centre/BPO.

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DOT Compliance

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DOT Compliance

INR 19,999 /-

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DOT Compliance in India

If you are running an OSP Centre and by that we mean providing IT enabled services like Tele-trading, ecommerce, Tele-education, Tele-banking, Network operation centres, Call centres, you need OSP registration. Once you have gotten the OSP registration in India, you need to follow the DOT Compliance in India to retain the registration.

What is DOT Compliance?

DOT Compliances are forms that need to be filed and submitted to the Term cell. There are two types of DOT Compliances

  1. Form to inform about the change in OSP: If there is any change or there are changes in the original OSP registration such as Change in director, change in connectivity or infrastructure, then the Term cell is needed to be made aware of it within 15 days of such changes.
  2. Annual Return: The second DOT Compliance is the Annual Return that needs to be filed within 6 months of the end of the financial year.
  • Client Details.
  • Annual Turnover
  • Net profit/loss.
  • Employee details as specified in the Return Performa.

As you can imagine, filing the DOT Compliance requires accuracy. Therefore, you should let the matter be handled by the experts.

Why choose us for your DOT Compliance Needs?

DOT Compliance that needs to be filed in the Annual Return to the Department of Telecommunication needs to be accurate. Registrationwala is a team of OSP Consultants that leave no stone unturned before the DOT auditing. We make sure that:

  1. Our annual return services are timely.
  2. Our consultations are thorough.
  3. Our costs are transparent.
  4. Our services are reliable.

Documents Required for DOT Compliance

Following are the documents required to file the DOT Compliance through the annual return:

  1. Name of the OSP
  2. OSP registration number
  3. Address of the registered office.
  4. CIN of the company
  5. CIN of the holding company (is applicable)
  6. Employee details
  7. Balance Sheets
  8. Profit and Loss Statement.
  9. Other Documents as per the requirement DOT Compliance.


DOT Compliance is an annual return filing where the Department of Telecommunication audits the OSP centre on a biannual basis to find out if the OSP is conducting its operations as per the DOT standards.

Annual Return has to be filed on an annual basis. Therefore, you need to file the DOT Compliance twice a year.

The penalties of not filing DOT Compliance consist of:
1.OSP registration suspension
3.If the issue is dire enough: imprisonment

DOT Compliance has to be filed on an annual basis by businesses that have OSP registration in India.

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