Post-Registration DoT Compliance Checklist for Telecom Companies

  • January 03, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Every DoT Licensee must timely file their annual compliance with the Authority to ensure the smooth functioning of the Licensed Company. In this article, we have briefed you about the DOT compliance requirements and our DOT compliance services for you to subscribe to. Let us see them one by one.

Valid Business License and Compliance-filing

The DoT Licensee, as an Indian company, must register itself under the Indian Companies Act of 2013. It can also be a Partnership Firm or Organization under Shop and Establishment Act. A legal person can also apply for the Access Services Category B license under the DoT regulations. The Company must regularly file its compliance and renew its business license with the MCA.

Compliance Filing with DoT

The Telecom Licensee must submit its compliance in a single copy in the prescribed e-form. The DoT can issue the Telecom License and Authorization under such License on a non-exclusive basis. It means no restriction on the number of entrants for service provisions in that area.

Service Area Specifications for DoT Compliance filing

One DoT Licensee can hold only one UL license. But, the Licensee can apply for authorization for more than one Service as well as the service area. It is subjected to fulfillment of the conditions of a particular entry simultaneously at different time intervals. The tenure of this Telecom permit will run concurrently with the acquired DoT License. At the time of applying for the DoT License, the Licensee must apply for the required authorization of at least one DoT compliance service.

SSAs requirement in setting up a Telecom Infrastructure

Every DoT authorization requires more than four SSAs in the Telecom Circle. It must be for the category 'C' and category 'B'  license authorization for the respective telecom circle. The Licensee must apply for it. For telecom permits issued by the DoT, licensing is necessary for more than four districts in a State or Union Territory. It is for the Access Services Category B and Access Service authorization in the respective Circle service area, which the Licensee has applied for.

FDIs statements for filing DoT Compliance

The Foreign Direct Investment policy governs the total composite foreign holding. This policy is of the Government of India announced by the DPIIT, i.e., Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion periodically.

Net worth Requirement and Maintenance

The Telecom License must have a minimum paid-up equity capital as well as the net worth of the indicated amount in the DoT regulations for the respective DoT Services and its Service Areas. The maintenance must be on the date of the DoT application. The DoT will provide a certificate signed by any of the following registered entities:

  • Company Secretary
  • Cost Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant

Compliance filing fee for the DoT Licensee

The Telecom Company must pay a non-refundable processing fee as prescribed in Annexure-1 of the DoT regulations. It must be along with the application in the Demand Draft or the Pay Order. The draft must be from a Schedule Bank payable in New Delhi. The draft must be issued in the name of the DOT's Pay & Accounts Officer Headquarters. The Licensee can also apply online through Bharatkosh e-payments.

Additional Authorization by the DoT

If the Telecom Licensee is seeking additional authorization, then the subsequent grant of UL license must have the Licensee meet the minimum cumulative required net worth. The certification must be on the date of application seeking additional authorization. The requirement for the Telecom License can vary for the combined minimum Networth and paid-up equity. However, it must be limited to a maximum of ten crore rupees. In addition, the applicant must maintain a paid-up equity capital during the said License currency.

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