Instructions for Eta Wpc Certificate Through Self-Declaration

  • June 18, 2021
  • Registrationwala
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For any importer of wireless products, it’s important to get permission from the Wireless Planning Commission first via WPC Certificate or WPC ETA (Equipment type approval) approval. However, the process of getting equipment type approval  is muddled with a lot of confusion surrounding.

One of the biggest of them is the acquiring WPC license through self declaration. So, in order to quell the confusion, the Department of Telecommunication, via its Saralsanchar portal, has provided a notification showing the instructions for grant of ETA certificate through Self Certification.

And through this article, we are going to decode it in a language that you can understand.


What is WPC Certificate for import through Self Declaration?

As you all know, the regulation of Wireless Planning Commission is not meant for every type of wireless equipment. There are some that enjoy Equipment type approval exemption. And there are others that only work in de-licensed bands and have low power consumption. Such products are exempted from getting import license from the DGFT department.

The applicant of such products, even though are exempted from getting the IE code, aren’t exempted from applying for ETA certification. They have to come forward and get WPC import license or WPC certificate for import through self=certification.

Let’s now move on the instructions that the Department of Telecommunication has provided to us for that purpose.

Instructions for WPC ETA approval through self declaration

1. The applications can apply for WPC Certification India through the online portal but can also use the email method in case of any difficulty:

Decoding: The application of WPC certificate can now be filed through the online mode via the recently started Saralsanchar portal. However, prior to the portal, the method used to include manual filing of the application and then scanning and emailing the document to the email In case the online portal isn’t working, the applicants could opt for the email method. We are saying “could” because the email method was abandoned on 1st May 2019.

2. The applicants need to register themselves at the portal and then use the credentials to login:

Decoding: Because saralsanchar is government-sponsored portal, it has to be certain that only legitimate persons file the application. That’s why, the user registration is only possible via the one time password that the portal sends to the registered mobile number of the applicant. Once the credentials are verified, the user is given a login ID. They can then use the same to file the WPC certificate application.

3. All the documents are required in the PDF format:

Decoding: The documents are needed to uploaded to the Saralsanchar website. It means that they have to be in the right format and the right size. here, all the documents required from RFA test reports, to manufacturer’s authorization to technical literature, has to be in the PDF format.

4. Each model the WPC certificate cost of INR 10,000/-

Decoding: For each model, the ETA certification cost is INR 10,000/-. The payment has to be made via the Bharatkosh portal with the purpose as “Equipment Type Approval (ETA)” addressed to 077188- PAO, Headquarters. the name of the model, when depositing the payment, has to be specified under the “Remark” column.

5. In case of difficulty, reach out to WPC

Decoding: Earlier, the email of self declaration ETA certification was used as a mode to file the application. But now, as the process has been made more digital, the email is used for addressing the grievances of the applicants.



If you want to be the part of WPC ETA list of elites though self declaration, follow the instructions that we have decoded for you. For any further assistance, consult with our experts of Registrationwala.

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