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  • January 01, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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There was a time when the active telecom infrastructure couldn’t be shared among the OSP. However, all of this changed in 2016, when the Department of Telecommunication permitted this sharing among the OSPs.

This way, the cost of telecom operators can now enjoy reduced costs and can roll out networks. However, they were allowed to share some infrastructures before this. So, what’s changed?

Now, the Department of Telecommunication has also allowed sharing active networks, whiling before the sharing was limited to passive structures like towers.

How to share infrastructure?

  1. The first step that the telecom operators have to take to share the infrastructure is to create a mutual agreement
  2. This agreement would entail the following:
    1. What is shared?
    2. How much is shared?
    3. Is there any compromise to functionality?
    4. Terms and conditions of sharing
    5. Proper agreement between both the parties.
  3. The agreement is then supposed to be submitted to the Department of Telecommunication.
  4. The DoT is then going to check the agreement to see that only the permissible infrastructure has been shared. These include:
    1. Antenna
    2. Feeder cable
    3. Node B
    4. Radio Access Network
    5. Transmission

With this sharing, the telecom companies now have a way to ensure that they can save some money on capital.

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Dushyant Sharma
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