OSP Extended Agent: What is It and When are they Allowed?

  • October 29, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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OSP Extended Agent: What is it and under what conditions are they allowed? The answer to this particular query can be found this blog. Furthermore, you are also going to explore the process of allowing hiring such an agent for your OSP. If you have doubts even after going through this blog, you should reach out to Registrationwala and we will provide satisfactory answers to your queries.

There is a concept of Extended Agent within the confines of an OSP. Now, if you have taken a look at our previous blogs, you might have gotten a picture of the terms and associated with their operation. The same goes for an OSP Extended Agent. However, what is it and under what conditions are they allowed operation is the question that is needed to be answered here. It might be fairly new concept, but bear with us for a few minutes, you will understand it all soon.

What is an OSP extended agent?

An extended agent is some that extends the workforce that lies within an infrastructure. To be completely honest, it basically means an employee that works from home. There are incentives present in OSP operations that allow for such employees to exist. Throughout the course of this blog, we are going to look into those conditions.

Under what condition, an extended agent allowed to operate

Like everything else with OSP licenses, you might have expected there are conditions associated with this as well. These conditions are as follows:

  1. It is necessary for the OSP operator to submit the prescribed security deposit along with promise of adherence to meet certain obligations. These obligations might entail but are not limited to-exclusive use of home based agents. The security deposit associated with this is INR 1 Cr for each of the locations where the work from home is extended. If there are any misuse of this facility in a way that disrupts the terms and conditions, it is counted as a violation of the terms associated with OSP registration.
  2. The agent who is working from home will treated as the holder of the “Extended Agent” position. Interconnection is permitted through the use of Authorized Service providers, VPN and PPVPN which have a pre defined location.  That this statement basically means that interconnection between the home and the OSP center is permitted, but through the use of VPN. With this connection, the OSP might use its own security mechanism to secure the connection through authorization, accounting and authentication.
  3. In order to obtain the permission for Work From Home, the OSP has to go through the following process:
    1. Assembling the complete details of Extended Agent Position or positions. These details will include home address, contact information, the name of the internet service provider and the connectivity employed.
    2. Submitting the complete details along with filing the application for the same request.
  4. For 1 year, it is necessary for the Extended Agent to maintain the log of all the activities carried out by them. It is also necessary to maintain the IP Addresses assigned to the VPN and the OSP Centre.
  5. The above information should be produced to the DoT when they are demanded.
  6. It is the right of the authority to carry out surprise inspections.

The above terms and conditions are the ones necessary for you to not just get an Extended Agent, but also maintain them. For more information, you can get in touch with our experts at Registrationwala.

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