5 Tips – How to Pick or Find the perfect Brand Name for Your Product

  • August 03, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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“The first impressions are everything”

When you have access to a product that you trade with, you would want for it to be remembered. How it is remembered is based on how you name it and naming the product is the whole essence of branding. With a right name, any product that comes into the market can grab the attention of the onlookers.

This was probably the same thought that the creators of Coca Cola had! Now look at it, one of the leading products of our generation with nearly 200 years of existence.

Do you want to make sure that your service or your brand is on the lips of every one out there? Well, it is not even a question, is it? Of course you! Well, to that end, let us tell you some tips that will assist you with naming the product in the best way possible.

Naming the brand in the best way possible

The following tips that we are going to tell you about are applicable for every product that you can use to the grab the attention of the customers or the service seekers:

  1. Choose a name that you can speak right: For something to be able to sound right, you should be able to speak it right as well. While you are naming your trade, speak it loud and clear. If your mouth doesn’t move a lot, then it is interesting, if it moves too much, then it is overly complicated. Therefore, choose a name that is impactful and yet, a bit subtle as well.
  2. Your brand’s name should be able to sound right: Now, In order for the name of the brand to sound right, it should not be confusing in any shape or form. Choosing a right sounding name can be tricky because of a simple reason that you need the output of others in this. Go outside and ask complete strangers about the name. You will be surprised to hear how man strangers can give you the right response. Take them to heed and rename your brand if you have to, but make sure that it sounds right.
  3. Get all of your legal aspects: Now, if you want to brand your product in a way that it grows without any hindrance like the name getting stolen by other individuals. To that end, you need to make sure that your mark is unique. To get this confirmation, you need to do a trademark search for successful trademark registration.This search will tell you the name that you have chosen is right and is available for your trade.
  4. Give your name a test run online: One of the ways to know as to whether your ideas will be successful will be with blogs and other online methods. Therefore, once you have thought on a name, you need to start a blog with the name as a domain name or you can start a Facebook group with that name. The amount of people who are going to like the group when you first start the page is also a form of confirmation from the public that you can look into.
  5. Choose a name that is somehow descriptive and also is not descriptive:  This might be the most confusing name that you have ever read. To that end, let us clear this up for you. When you want to choose a brand name, the first thought that goes through your head is to name it in such a way that somehow, the quality and the type of your product are emphasized in it. However, this cannot happen. To that end, you can make use of some entities to name your brand that does not claim the quality of the product outright, but does it in a subtle manner. To exemplify, when you hear “jaguar”, you automatically think, fast car, sports car etc. Similarly, when you hear “Ambuja”, the strength of the word accentuates on reinforcement and therefore, it is the trademark name for a particular brand of cement.  

If you go by the last tip, you might think that the entire matter is tricky. To be honest, it is. However, if you follow along these tips, you can be assured that the brand name that you decide upon is not only growth worthy, but also durable.

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