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  • January 28, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Corporate Structure and Company’s Trade Name

Every native of either USA, India, or Canada, who is also an Indian National, can apply for the Company Registration procedure in the United Kingdom easily. The procedure has been rendered reasonably simple for both NRIs and OCIs by our seasoned Legal Professionals.

This article details the general instructions and regulations for choosing an appropriate Corporate structure for the proposed Company in Great Britain. Also, we have shared the general regulations on the registered as well as the Trade name of the Business Corporation in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. 

Select the appropriate Business Structure for your Company

The first step towards Company Incorporation in the United Kingdom is to ascertain whether the chosen corporate structure is suitable for the to-be-undertaken commercial activities by the applicant company members. For such purposes, the Company must understand the taxation structure as well as the specific functions of the chosen Corporate Entity.

Options for Branch Registration: Overseas Office or a Subsidiary

As a foreign investor wanting to set up a branch office in the United Kingdom, you have the following two options:

Overseas Company

In such cases, the Foreign Company operates from its native state but bears all the responsibilities of its branch office’s debts in the United Kingdom.

Subsidiary Company

The applicant can open a subsidiary as a Private Limited Company in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Here, the Corporate Authority treats a Subsidiary as a separate legal entity. It will bear the required responsibilities of its Parent Company.


Choose & Reserve the Trading Name for the Company

After choosing the appropriate business structure, the applicant company must choose and reserve the trade name for itself. Here, the promoters are assigned the task of choosing an appropriate name.

  • A Company name must not be the same as a name of an already-registered company
  • A Company name must end with either Limited or Ltd
  • A Company name cannot be offensive to the public
  • A Company name must not contain any sensitive word or expression
  • A Company name must not indicate any connection with the Government or Local Authorities
  • The Company must obtain special permission from the government to choose the authority name in the Company's name
  • The applicant must choose a trading name different from its registered name
  • A Company name can also be termed a Business Name

Restricted Terms for Company’s Nomenclature

The business name of a company must not include any of the following terms:

  • Limited
  • Ltd
  • LLP
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • PLC

The incorporation applicant must seek permission from the Authorities to use a sensitive expression in the trade names. If the chosen name is similar to other businesses' trademarks, then the applicant must not use such a name. In any of the following conditions, the applicant must not use the Limited suffix with its name:

  • The Company is registered as a Charity
  • Company limited by guarantee

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association must reflect that the applicant Company has been registered to promote any of the following:

  • Art
  • Religion
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Charity

To learn further about the procedure of Company Registration in London , connect with the Incorporation Experts at Registrationwala. We are one of the leading Legal Service Providers in all of Northern America.


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