Best OSP License Consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

  • May 12, 2022
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A call centre in India is very stereotypical. From the funny and snide racist terms used by the west to the easy money making scheme made by the technical firms of the east, it’s safe to say that India, has the power to provide the best call centres.

And, with the increase in the number of multinational companies, the number of call centres has increased, and it will keep on increasing. Therefore, there are many call centre setup consultants who can help you. In this article, we are going to shed a light on them.

Who is an OSP License consultant?

Starting a call centre requires a fair amount of legal navigation. You need to know the right people, fill the right forms and get the right licenses. One of those licenses is the OSP License. The OSP License is the legal license to start a call centre. An OSP license consultant is the facilitator of such license. He/she files the application on your behalf, and gets you the license on time.

Best OSP License consultants in India

When it comes to the best OSP consultants in India, there are many to speak of. Let’s look at the metropolitan-wise consultants who can provide the best services to get the authorization to start a call centre.

  1. Mumbai: Mumbai is home to the most number of call centres. This is the place that’s seen by the west as a place where most BPOs originate. Our OSP License Consultant in Mumbai is able to file the application on time and get you the license to open a call centre in Mumbai.
  2. Bangalore: Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is no stranger to IT enabled services. Therefore, in the upcoming years, you are going to see an influx of customer support centres in the region. You can plan ahead and consult with an OSP License consultant in Bangalore to get the license on time.
  3. Delhi: Starting a call centre in India isn’t a big deal. That being said, when it comes to Delhi, it certainly is. The number of tech giants coming together in the national capital is mind-blowing. Keeping that demand in mind, our OSP License consultant in Delhi ensures that you get to have a call centre is such a lucrative region.
  4. Kolkata: Kolkata is a cultural nexus of India. It’s the place where east meets the west, creating the best environment for an IT enabled service provider to flourish. Therefore, our OSP License consultant in Kolkata is here with you to aid your call centre dreams with our legal aid.
  5. Chennai: Chennai is a great place for a call centre business to flourish. Being a coastal region nearing Sri Lanka, it’s a valuable place to set up a call centre. Our OSP License consultant in Chennai helps you establish a call centre in the region.


With so many OSP Consultants all over India, you can actually come forward and file the application for OSP License on your own terms. Consult with our experts and let them take your call centre requirements and turn them into a reality.

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