Get your EPR License for E waste Management

In order to get EPR Authorization, to manufacture or import electronics you have to show that you can handle the resulting E waste. The EPR License or E Waste Management License or EPR Registration certificate is issued by CPCB to support the environmentally sound management of E Waste.

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EPR Certificate Process

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Step 2
Application filing
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Application Assessment
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Grant of EPR Certificate

What is EPR Authorization or EPR Certificate in India?

E Waste Management license or EPR Certificate, full form, Extended Producer Responsibility / EPR Authorisation certificate is a mandatory authorization for producers from electronic sectors. The term, Electronic Waste Management, means disposing electronic waste in a manner that doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. For technological waste management license, the E wastes should be recycled which might include the following:

  1. Personal computers
  2. Laptops
  3. battery
  4. Chargers
  5. Mini computer
  6. mainframe
  7. washing machine
  8. other products that have electrical circuit in them.

You have to dispose the electronic wastes as per the guidelines set by the Central Pollution Control Board. And once you show that you can, you’re granted the E Waste Management or EPR License.

EPR Certificate means accepting the responsibility of dealing the electronic wastes. That’s why, just the electronic companies, but EPR certification is also suitable for E waste management companies; businesses that specifically deal with managing electronic wastes.

Other than the e waste management companies, EPR certificate for import in India – another rendition EPR certificate India is issued to those who import e waste from other countries. 

That said, to show that you can deal with the electronic dregs, you have to take on the legal procedure for seeking EPR Authorization. The EPR License process is jarring, and if not handled correctly, can take a long time.

But you don’t have to worry about taking on that challenge on your own. Registrationwala is a team of business registration experts who have helped many, get their EPR Licenses.

Benefits of EPR registration India

Extended producers responsibility registration has many benefits associated with it, and it not only is limited to allowing you to manufacture electronics or import electronic wastes:

  1. It provides guidelines of how wastes should be treated
  2. The EPR registration for plastic waste can curb the plastic pollution. So, EPR certificate for plastic waste is especially important if plastic is the primary raw material in your product.
  3. It’s not just the producer, it’s also the product. The EPR product responsibility pushes you to make better product using renewable resources.
  4. Much like the BIS certificate, EPR certificate sets the standards for manufacturing. So, BIS & EPR certificate both are equally important.
  5. Become an inspiration with EPR. The world needs to be inspired, and like DELL EPR certificate, you can make your mark too.

CPCB EPR registration leads to EPR waste management, and in the end, it does matter.

Know the importance of E waste segregation

E waste segregation leads to not just disposing of the electronic wastes, but their recycling as well. By collecting the electronic wastes and churning out its best and usable parts, you can breathe life into a world that is already facing shortage of non-renewable resources.

EPR Registration means to you more than anything if you’re an electronic manufacturer. It means that you don’t only provide the products, you also care for the environment. This care factor would work in your favour in a world where people are looking for someone who can empathize with the tribulations of the world.

If by change you hit the realization of the same, we will be there, waiting for you to help you gain the EPR authorization.

Eligibility Criteria for EPR License in India

Following are the eligibility criteria to get the EPR License:

  • You need to be a business entity or an importer
  • You need to be related to electronics manufacturing or importing industry

Documents Required for EPR License in India

Following are the documents required to acquire the extended producer Responsibility certificate.

  1. Address proof
  2. Legal documents of Manufacturer/exporter
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. IE Code
    3. Directorate of industries
    4. Certificate by Municipal corporations or local bodies if applicable
  3. Contact details
  4. Copy of PAN card
  5. Details and documents of the authorized person signing the documents (Aadhar Card)
  6. Details of the products including model numbers and import history
  7. Copy of BIS License (if applicable)
  8. Details of RoHS compliance (Reduction of Hazardous wastes)
  9. Details of the recycler
  10. Estimation of E waste
  11. Estimated budget on the Electronic Producer Responsibility
  12. Details of the awareness programme to make folks aware of the waste management
  13. EPR Plan
  14. Copy of agreement with the collection centres, dealers, recyclers, storage and disposal.
  15. Website content detailing the commitment towards E waste management.

Note: Once you acquire the EPR certificate, you’d have to specially careful about plastic wastes. The extended producer responsibility plastic guidelines specifically define that plastic, unlike other resources, can’t be disposed of easily. For it, recycling is the only option.

Process of obtaining the EPR License in India

To get the EPR certificate, apply for it using the steps given below

  1. Step 1: Understand the requirements of EPR pollution Certificate via reading the EPR certificate format.
  2. Step 2: Prepare and gather the complete documentation
  3. Step 3: Filing the EPR certificate online application along with the required documents, and submit that to CPCB office along with the EPR certificate cost. The online EPR registration form that you’re required to fill in this step would entail many nuanced details. Which is why, make sure that you have an  expert on the speed dial.
  4. Step 4: Wait for the central board to assess EPR registration online application. And if any issues are raised, rectification of discrepancies will be done.
  5. Step 5: Get the EPR certificate or the E Waste Management authorization letter. It only happens if you’ve filed the EPR pollution certificate correctly and have paid the required EPR registration fees.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, an E waste management or someone who is just seeking EPR registration for import, the process shall remain the same.

Our Assistance to get the EPR License in India

We provide end to end assistance for services related to EPR License:

·         We file your application

·         We accumulate your documents

·         We conduct a thorough follow up

·         We ensure that you get EPR License on time.

IF you’re an electronics manufacturer or an importer, you must obtain EPR certificate on a mandatory basis. Contact us today if you wish to protect the environment while manufacturing or importing electronics.

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