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Want to provide international connectivity to foreign networks? Approach the DOT and obtain the ILD License. Registrationwala can lend you assistance and provide you end to end ILD License solutions.

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ILD License Process

Step 1
Furnish Documents
Step 2
File the application
Step 3
Fulfil the financial requirements
Step 4
Get the ILD License

ILD License in India

What is ILD License  

ILD License is the license that enables International Long Distance connectivity to networks that are operated by Foreign carriers. Provided by the Department of telecommunication, it has enabled most unified license holders to go beyond their usual business and integrate international connectivity to their services.

Why are ILD services needed?

The world’s geography is quite diverse. In some places, it’s easy to get network signals and in some, it can be quite difficult. To deal with the diverse nature of the geography and ensuring that uniform network connection can be provided to all the world’s places, there is a need for specialized equipment. The usage of these specialized equipment need be to be watched by the Department of telecommunication. It does so using the ILD license.


Eligibility Criteria for ILD License in India  

For ILD License, the applicant must know the following before applying:

  • Regarding ownership of the license: Foreign Direct Investment in the ILD company is allowed up to 49% as per the normal route. For FDI to be more than 49%, one has to get the approval of FIPB.
  • Adhering to the security conditions: It’s the responsibility of the ILD license holder to comply with the associated security conditions once they acquire the license.
  • Net worth requirement: The net worth capital and the paid up capital of the company applying for the ILD license should be INR 2,50,00,000/- (2.5 Crore rupees).
  • Validity of the license: Once issued, the license would be valid for 20 years. After that period is over, the company can apply for ILD license renewal for 5 years.


Documents Required for ILD License in India

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Complete Business Plan
  • Funding arrangement for financing the project
  • Pay order or Demand draft of the processing fee
  • List of directors/promoters/partners/shareholders of the company.
  • Equity Details with Certificate of Company Secretary of the Company’s statutory auditor.
  • Certified copy of agreement between the Indian Company and the foreign partner
  • Board resolution that authorizes the authorized signatory
  • Declaration that every detail you’ve entered in your application is correct.

Process for getting ILD License in India

To obtain the ILD license, you would have to go through the ILD license procedure that entails the following steps:

  • Furnishing the documents: Compile a list of documents that you need. Afterwards, furnish the required documents and get them attested by an authorized signatory.
  • Application filing: Once you’ve accumulated the documents, go to the official website and file the application online.
  • Application assessment: Once the application is filed, a thorough assessment of the application takes place by the Department of Telecommunication.
  • Letter of Intent delivery: After the application is accepted, the applicant will receive the letter of intent from the Department of telecommunication.
  • Pay the FBG and PBG: Upon receiving the letter of intent, the applicant has to fulfil the Financial bank Guarantee and performance Bank guarantee requirements:
    • Performance bank guarantee: INR 2.5 Crore
    • Financial bank Guarantee: INR 20 Lakh
  • Acquire the ILD License: Once you’ve committed to paying the performance bank guarantee and the financial bank guarantee, you’ll receive the ILD License by DOT.


Our Assistance to file the ILD License in India 

Our experts know the terrain on which you have to walk on to get ILD License. As India’s leading telecom experts, we understand the big (and small) details that you need to take into account when applying for ILD License. That’s why, to the process easier for you.

  • To take the whole responsibility of filing your application.
  • Our In house chartered accountants shall issue you the Net worth certificate.
  • Once the application is filed, we conduct a follow up to expedite the ILD licensing process.
  • We ensure that all your details are securely filled once you obtain the letter of intent.

Our end to end business solutions for ILD License and other such regulatory requirements and second to none. Reach out to us now so that we can get you ahead of line and initiate the licensing process right away.


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