Do you want to avail tax benefits for your NGO?

With registration under section 12A, you can enjoy some tax benefits for your Non-governmental organization. If you want to get this registration so that you can do more for the community, then you should get in touch with us.

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80G and 12A Registration Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application Filling
Step 3
Application Assement
Step 4
Grant Of 80G and 12A Registration

What is 80G and 12A Registration in India?

80G and 12A Registration 

If you register your Non-governmental organization under Section 80G under the Section 12A of th Income Tax Act, you will get access to tax exemptions for the surplus funds of your organization. However if you do not have 80G and 12A registration in India, you won’t be able to enjoy these exemptions.   

What is 12A Registration?

12A Registration comes under the Section 12 A of Income Tax Act. As per the provisions of the act, NGO obtain income tax exemptions for the organizational income:

  1. You are going to be benefits pertaining to the tax exemptions.
  2. You are going to get governmental grants benefits as well.
  3. There are also some benefits that you will get to enjoy pertaining to FCRA registration.

What is 80G Registration?

80G Registration comes under Section 80G of the income tax act. The benefits of it are as follows :

  1. As per the provisions of the act, donating in 80G registered NGOs grants the donors income tax deductions upto of 50 percent of the donated amount.
  2. Due to the above benefit, donors are attracted towards 80G registered Non Governmental Organizations.

If you want access to these exemptions, then you can apply for 80G and 12A registration in Delhi right after you have started your NGO. Registrationwala is going to assist you with the entire process of registration; all you need to do is get in touch with us.

Eligibility Criteria for 80G and 12A Registration in India

To be eligible for 80G and 12A Registration, you must be

1.    Be a charitable trust,

2.    religious trust,

3.    society or

4.    A section 6 company.

Documents Required for 80G and 12A Registration in India

  1. Following information pertaining to the trustees or managers of the NGO:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. PAN Details.
  2. Registration certification under which the trust/society/NGO was established.
  3. A copy of the PAN card that belongs to the NGO.

Process of obtaining the 80G and 12A Registration in India

·         Gather the documents required for 80G and 12A Registration.

·         File the online application

·         Submit the online application to the appropriate authority

·         Obtain 80G and 12A Registration certificate after analysis.

Our Assistance to get the 80G and 12A Registration in India

We provide end to end assistance to get you 80G and 12A Registration.

·         Document collection

·         Filing the 80G and 12A Registration application

·         Obtaining the Registration

·         Delivering you 80G and 12A Registration certificate

Thus, if you want to 80G and 12A Registration, reach out to our experts at Registrationwala.  

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