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Get the AYUSH license to sell Ayurvedic Products

Do you want to trade in and manufacture ayurvedic products? Do you want to sell it as a retailer or wholesaler? No matter the the case, you need Ayush License in order to legally trade in these products! Get in touch with Registrationwala to day begin the registration steps.

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Ayush Certificate

What is AYUSH License or AYUSH certificate?

Ayush Certificate

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What is AYUSH License or AYUSH certificate?

Ayush License or AYUSH certificate means the authorization that’s given by the government to those who wish to conduct retail business in Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha or any products of the same nature anywhere in India. Without it, the Ministry of AYUSH, established in 2014 can penalize the offenders.

One of the oldest forms of medications in the world is the Ayurveda. This particular field of medicine, which roughly translates to “science of long life”, is the one that has been in India since thousands of years. Its popularity and relevance in India hasn’t sunken even by just a bit. Furthermore, their popularity has now spread across the entire planet. Regardless of being touted by many in the scientific communities as effective-yet pseudo-science, these medications have seen its fair share of rise in other countries as well. Therefore, there are countries like Canada, US, Russia and the European Union that are the biggest importers of Ayurvedic products from India. AYUSH License has enabled many to start a business selling Ayurvedic products in India and the world.


What are the types of AYUSH License

There are 4 types of AYUSH Licenses that are given to produce and manufacture Ayurvedic products in India. All of these licenses are availed through the ministry of Ayush and all of them are necessary for you to know about:


What is the criteria of getting AYUSH License?

 To become an AYUSH certified company, you have to follow the following criteria:



AYUSH registration process

To get the AYUSH premium certification, once has to apply online. When it comes to as a whole for AYUSH License. Apply online as an option has been given to all with the new age of digitization. With that in mind, following is the AYUSH certification process:

  1. Go the official website for AYUSH online registration.
  2. Fill out the AYUSH registration form, but only after knowing the eligibility criteria and the requirements for AYUSH premium certificate products.
  3. Finalize the form submission after attaching the required documents and paying   AYUSH certification cost. 
  4. Let the ministry of AYUSH certification process your application.
  5. The AYUSH registration board will be thorough in its assessment.
  6. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll obtain AYUSH license in India.

Things that you should keep in mind while applying for AYUSH certificate.

Documents Required for AYUSH License

The documents you require to getting the AYUSH License or the AYUSH license requirements are as follows:

Why choose our AYUSH License consultants?

When it come down to the best AYUSH certificate company, we are the leaders. Our assistance in aiding you the AYUSH/cosmetic license certificate via going through the AYUSH certificate procedure on your behalf really is the deciding the factor in getting you the license on time.

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